For NSW BDM, Tasmanian BDM, English Certificates, Scottish BDM records, South Australian BDM & the State Records Retrieval Service






 A more complete family history service including transcriptions of New South Wales BDM records, retrieval of documents held at the NSW State Records Office, a certificate service for English BDM records and a transcription service for Tasmanian BDM records. There is also a link for Scottish, Irish and New Zealand BDM records.



   We offer a certificate service for English BDM records. These are $28 each where the reference number is provided. An index search is an additional $5. Add $2.00 postage and handling per order within Australia and $8 for orders outside Australia. Please email us for an order form at lturtle@iprimus.com.au

     We also offer a transcription service for Scottish BDM records. Please email at lturtle@iprimus.com.au with your request and we will give you a quote.

    If you wish to place an order for Ireland you will need to contact genfindit to place an order. We believe this to be a cost effective method for obtaining overseas certificates. The web link can be found at: www.genfindit.com  

   Alternatively, if you want a contact in England who can do this for  you please contact Margaret Lewis whose web link can be found at www.genuskent.co.uk

    Genfindit it also offer a service for New Zealand BDM records.




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Revised: February 02, 2016