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  A more complete family history service including transcriptions of New South Wales BDM records, retrieval of documents held at the NSW State Records Office, a certificate service for English BDM records and a transcription service for Tasmanian BDM and Scottish records. There is also a link for  Irish and New Zealand BDM records.



    This page outlines our transcription service for NSW birth, death and marriage records. If you wish to place an order please email us for an order form at lturtle@iprimus.com.au. There is also a regular service to the NSW State Records Office at Kingswood which is described on the NSW State Records page of this website. The most popular archives services are probate, deceased estates and divorce. In addition, there is now also a link page for BDM records in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland available from this website. A separate page describes our services and costs for Tasmanian BDM records. We can also transcribe South Australian BDM records.

    NSW Birth Transcripts are available from 1788. There is a closure period of 100 years for these which is updated daily.

    NSW Death Transcripts are available from 1788. There is a closure period of 30 years for these which is updated daily.

    NSW Marriage Transcripts are available from 1788. There is a closure period of 50 years for these which is updated daily.

    Both the Old Registers (pre 1856) and the Post 1856 Registers can be transcribed.

    Full Transcripts: are a full transcription of all the information contained in the NSW Registers. 

    Partial Transcripts: are a transcription of up to five items from the Registers. The different items available are detailed on the order form. 

    Single Item Transcripts: are where one item specified by the client is transcribed from the Registers.

    Check and Verify: is where the Registers are checked against any known information. The client specifies which information is to be checked. If this known information matches on the Registers, then an Upgrade to a full transcription can be done at the same time. For example, the wife of a person may be checked in the Death Registers. If it matches with what you are expecting, then the full transcription can be done. However, if it does not match, the transcription is not done and the client saves the extra cost involved with ordering an irrelevant transcription for their family history research.

    Upgrade: is where a client asks for a check of certain information about the person you are researching. Where the Register matches with these known facts, an upgrade to a full transcription can be done. However, an upgrade can only be done if it is ordered at the same time as a Check and Verify.

    Index search: is where the Birth, Death and Marriage Indexes are searched on behalf of a client. This is done for people who do not have access to the indexes, either over the Internet or from Public Libraries.

    Free Client Matching: is where clients are matched to other people researching the same person. Your privacy is guaranteed and your personal information will only be passed on to another client for this matching only with your consent.

    Email or Phone Advice: Laurie and Lorraine are happy to give advice on genealogical matters to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their research. This advice especially relates to other sources that may be available to family history researchers beyond that contained in Birth, Death and Marriage records. For a detailed written response, or where there are documents that need to be read through, there is a $25 charge for the time involved. For brief questions there is, of course, no charge.


Full Transcript (after 1856)     $20
Transcript from the Old Registers (pre1856)                                                   $14
Partial Transcript (up to 5 items)    $17  
Transcript of 1 Item  $11
Check and Verify $10
Upgrade to a Full Transcript  $10
Index Search for NSW BDM $  5
Index Search for State Records Items, Tasmanian BDM, SA BDM, English & Scottish records $  5
Client Matching   Free
Research Advice  $25

    Postage for BDM orders within Australia is $2.00; for overseas orders it is $8.00

    Free handling for orders where items can be emailed worldwide




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Revised: February 02, 2016