For NSW BDM, Tasmanian BDM, English Certificates, Scottish BDM records & the State Records Retrieval Service






 A more complete family history service including transcriptions of New South Wales BDM records, retrieval of documents held at the NSW State Records Office, a certificate service for English BDM records and a transcription service for Tasmanian BDM and Scottish records. There is also a link for  Irish and New Zealand BDM records. 



  This page outlines our transcription service for Tasmanian BDM records. NSW transcriptions, the State Records services and the link to English, Scottish and Irish records are described on separate pages

   Tasmanian Birth, Death and Marriage Transcripts are available for the period up to 1899. Please email is on  lturtle@iprimus.com.au

   Index search: It is necessary to do an index search before a reference number can be found for a Tasmanian record. We can do this for you, or you can provide the index number yourself from your own searches. An index search costs $5.

   Full Transcripts: There are full transcriptions of all the information contained in the Tasmanian Registers. These cost $20

   Index search: This is where the Birth, Death and Marriage Indexes are searched on behalf of a client. This is done for people who do not have access to the indexes, either over the Internet or from Public Libraries.

   Free Client Matching: This is where clients are matched to other people researching the same person. Your privacy is guaranteed and your contact information will only be passed on to another client for matching with your consent.

   Email or Phone Advice: Laurie and Lorraine are happy to give advice on genealogical matters to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their research. This advice especially relates to other sources that may be available to family history researchers beyond that contained in Birth, Death and Marriage records. For a detailed written response, or where your enquiry requires reading through documents, there is a $25 charge for the time involved. For brief questions there is, of course, no charge

  To Place and Order: Email us for an order form on lturtle@iprimus.com.au



Full Transcript   $20
Index Search for State Records Items & Tasmanian BDM $5
Client Matching   Free
Research Advice  $25

   Postage and Handling: $2.00 within Australia, $8 Elsewhere

    Free handling for orders where items can be emailed worldwide