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This plant went out of fashion for many years. I am pleased to see that it is once again a popular choice, as a perfumed climber. I have not had to use a fungicide or insecticide on my plants. The leaves always have a healthy green sheen. I can recommend this plant most highly.




Home-made Bird Nectar  


Honey is illegal in bird nectar in some states,  as bees are attracted to it... and it can harm them.

Bird nectar concentrate should therefore consist of one kilogram of raw sugar and enough water added to make one litre of heavy syrup. This will keep for some time in the refrigerator.

When feeding birds, mix one part of this syrup with two parts of water. Add half a teaspoon of (Pentavite) liquid  vitamin to each litre of mixture. The vitamins are essential, as sugar on its own lacks  vitamins and the birds can be weakened, and may even die, if they regularly eat such food.  



                      Australian Woman's Weekly


                                   Better Homes & Gardens




My husband says he will leave me if I don't stop shopping for

 plants....Gee I'll miss that man! *Giggle*






Thought or this month: We can complain that the rosebush has thorns - or rejoice that that the thornbush has roses. [Abe Lincoln]




How I Grow My African Violets


Propagation from water roots:

Cut leave stem on an angle with a razer blade.

Tie a piece of aluminium foil over the top of a glass tumbler or jar of clean water . Punch holes in foil to fit the leaf petiole  10cm.  of petioles. Rest of  leaf stem will be in water.

When the roots grow to 5cm. in length, plant into 20cm. pots, no bigger; put a marker label at back of the leaf, with all the information written on.

Water the leaf well. I place them into the phalaenopsis section of the shade house, until they have new leaf growth. Pot on into bigger pots.


Potting mix:

Place 1 packet of African Violet Mix  into a large container

Use empty packet to measure out-

Add 1/2 packet vermiculite

Add 1/3 packet perlite

Add 1/5 packet of washed sand

Add 1 tablespoon Blood & Bone

Add 2 cups silver foil or alfoil that have been put through a blender

Mix well.


Growing method: I use the wick- water system.



Small plants - high nitrogen orchid fertilizer at 1/4 strength.

Larger, flowering size plants -  any brand of bloom booster for orchids at 3/4 strength.



Centrepiece Idea

Arrange long-stemmed dried wheat, or grasses, on a shallow wooden dish or basket, and place pieces of exotic fruit -custard apples, etc, at stem end. Finish with a few dried or fresh flowers to create a pretty and rustic centrepiece.



Aching Joints Relief

I found an article in an old magazine, that suggested, a drink made from strawberry leaves helped aching joints. It didn't give a recipe, so I created one. Now... I don't know if it's " mind over matter" or a coincidence... but it works for me. If you try it, I would like to know the result.

Recipe:   Pick, wash and chop, 20 strawberry leaves.

                Place in a microwave  saucepan and add 1 cup water.

                Cook in microwave 3 minutes. Leave to cool and stir     

                occasionally to infuse. Strain. Makes 1 drink.


Directions: 1 Strawberry-Leaf Drink each morning.

* Only use leaves that haven't been sprayed for three weeks.


Party Idea

For a little girls party, string popcorn on strong cotton. Use a large sewing needle. Make it about 24inches long and tie the ends. Hand out a popcorn necklet to the little quests as they arrive. They look gay and pretty , are not sticky and get the children talking to one another. Best of all, it can be eaten.


Picnic Cloth

Make a picnic tablecloth of cotton or plastic, with a pocket in each corner. When on picnics, the pockets can be filled sand or stones  to hold down the cover on a windy day.


Savoury Topping

Crushed potato chips mixed with grated cheese makes a good topping for a savoury dish - it will brown nicely.


Maiden Hair

Sprinkle Epson Salts around the root of the plant. It will grow lush and strong.


Car Stop

If your garage is small and you have difficulty judging where to stop your car... at the right spot... try this idea. Attach a small soft toy to a cord and hang it from the ceiling so that it touches the windscreen, when the car is in the correct position.  


Bitter Lettuce

Lettuce will be bitter - if it has lacked moisture - or had too much heat -  during the growing period. Keep lettuce well-fed and well-watered.



You don't have to worry about neglecting a Bromeliad, as they are among the hardiest of plants to grow. Most leaves are tough and leathery and edged with spines -  their protection against weather and insects. Flower spikes usually come from the centre of the vase. Flower bracts may last  from a day to several months. If a Bromeliad is reluctant to flower, try sticking an uncut lemon in it's cup. Leave for six weeks. Gas from the fruit should trigger flowering. 


House Names

With Aboriginal meanings are:-

DIRIMA - meaning dreamtime spirit of the parrot fish.

NARIMA - dreamtime spirit of the white cockatoo                     

ALINDA - spirit of the moon.

ULAMINA- dreamtime spirit of the starfish.

TUNIRUNA - the upper world - daytime home of the sky people.              

BUNDALEER - among the trees.




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