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Come on in and make yourself comfortable. You are assured of the warmest welcome on the web. So... enjoy your stay.






This website has been designed to feature content relating to home and garden, with the emphasis on growing orchids.


About me... and my family.


An inspirational page, that will cheer you and give you hope and encouragement.


Fun surf sites for you to visit.




This is a safe place to be, with Christian standards. This is my home in cyberspace. I hope you find new and interesting bits and pieces, to keep you coming back.


I have tried to make this site easy to navigate... the buttons lead to another page.






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                      CRUISE - SAPPHIRE PRINCESS


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A Farewell Greeting


I hope you have enjoyed your time here with me. It was a pleasure having you for company!...please come back soon. I will repay the visit if you leave your URL in my Guest Book.


May the feet of God walk with you,

And His hand hold you tight.



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