Me & My

Me & My


On the 9th December 1943 my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl... HEY! THAT'S ME... MARLENEANN.

After completing my education, I started work in a kitchen. This laid the foundation for a lifetime interest in cooking.( In 1972 Heather and I won the "Mother & Daughter" Section of the Butter/ White Wings Bake Off.)

When I was seventeen I married Doug. We were blessed with three children. In 1984 Doug lost his battle with lung cancer. He was a wonderful husband and father.

A few years later I married Fred. We lived in Geelong, Victoria, for eight years. Fred retired in 1996 and we moved to Buderim, Queensland. This is a beautiful part of an area called The Sunshine Coast.

I am a "tea -oholic"


Fred's Children

*Ian - wife Trudy + Kathryn & James

*Graeme - wife Susan + Zac & Gabby

*Jenni - + Matthew, Christopher & Timothy

 Christopher + Brody

*Lynne - husband Brett  +  Jack, Jessie & Emma


Marleneann's Children

*#Heather - husband John Wuersching + #Amanda & #Kylie

#Amanda husband Richard Skoczek  (Richy)

#Kylie husband Clinton Skoczek  + #Mason Skoczek

*#Warren - wife Susan + #Joshua, #Rhiannon & #Stephanie

#Rhiannon husband Jared Greenstreet

*#Jason - wife Marita + #Elijah & #Josiah



#Direct "DODT" descendant.



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