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Relaxing Spot on the Verandah

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        A brochure for the Sunshine Coast


                            A brochure for Queensland


I live at Buderim, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Sunshine Coast is a holiday destination, approximately one hour drive from Brisbane. When the school holidays commence the population increases considerably. At other times, it is busy with holiday makers from the southern states. Our house is in close proximity to the main shopping centre and great beaches. The church, hospital and sporting venues, are also handy. Buderim is well known for it's beautiful sub-tropical gardens.

Our home is situated on an  allotment of 835sq.m. Because it is fan-shaped it has a large frontage and a small back yard. The only lawn area is the footpath. The ground rises up to the house and is planted with lots of palm trees and shrubs. This helps create a cooling effect in the in our hot climate. The grevilleas attract the lorikeets. Their noisy arrival in the morning and late afternoon signals feeding time. The kookaburras can be heard, laughing in the day, at 4.30am. We have just completed making a small fish pond and have twelve gold fish in it. I enjoy relaxing in the shade of the front verandah and watching the world go by.

Tourist Attractions:

Just down the highway at Beerwah, is the home of  Australia Zoo ... 12 noon is crocodile demonstration time with alligators, freshwater crocks and a big saltie.

Crocodile Hunter ....  Terri Irwin's Website

The Big Pineapple is a "must see" adventure for the whole family. A Macadamia Nut Factory also operates from the complex.

Spice up your life, by visiting the Buderim Ginger Factory. You can see how ginger is grown and processed. It is a major exporter.  The factory is at Yandina.

Sugar is grown in the area.

UnderWater World at Mooloolaba has to be seen to be believed. Mooloolaba also boasts, having the most expensive toilet. Situated on the beach it is named  "Loo With A View".


There are many more places of interest for visitors, this is just a sample of what is available.


Glass House Mountains National Park


The Glass House Mountains, a group of volcanic peaks are a prominent feature of the Sunshine Coast landscape. From a distance the three larger peaks stand out as blue-glass figurines... thus the name "Glass House".

Within the park, rare plants, remnants of once widespread vegetation, and their dependent animals are conserved.





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