13" flat classic three spoke (black)

Griplite sports steering wheels have been made right here in Melbourne
since the early '70's.

We first tried one on an MGB way back in 1977 and thought that they
were so good that we have sold them ever since!

Griplite wheels are a quality product and are finished in hand stiched leather.

The most popular size and style for your MGA, B or C is the 13" flat classic
three spoke design and is available in black or silver.

Griplite also make this wheel in a 14" and a four spoke dished wheel is also available.

We currently run 13" flat classic three spoke on our MGB Historic Racer.
We also use a 14" version of this wheel on our old Jaguar MKII Historic Racer.

Current price of the classic 13"/14" flat wheel and boss kit is $265.00.

Griplite have recently introduced a special service where they can restore your
original steering wheel by fitting a new leather bound rim to it
... this is a new product and we are waiting for some pictures from the
manufacturer to put on this page... So stay tuned!

Griplite wheels have been tested and meet Australian saftey standards
The spokes are made of mild steel and are designed to bend and not break-off in a collision.


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Updated 16/2/05