The Morris Garages MGB Sc (turn one) at Historic Rob Roy Hillclimb Nov 2006
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Historic Rob Roy Hillclimb November 26th 2006

Morris Garages repeated history coming 3rd again in the Production Sportscar Class at Historic Roy on Sunday 26th November 2006, with a 27.13 on the last run.... again, the fastest MGB on the day.

Richard said....."I managed third in my class again this year, which was good, but I was hoping for a time in the mid to low 26sec... It took me a few runs to get back into the groove after a three year absence from the hill."
"The new engine is putting-out more power and you need to drive it a bit differently than before...  it's now tending to break away more in the rear and understeer. I had to back-off in both turns, which might have slowed me down a little... I was approaching turn two flat-out in third, that's about 90mph at 7,500rpm. This was a bit faster that in previous years, and the car became a bit unstettled through turn two... It's a bit un-nerving as everything is happening pretty quick and you start to run out of road really fast!"

"I didn't adjust the tyre pressures until my first run, and I forgot to get the tyres hot until my second and third runs, but when I started to do this my times came down by a second on every run."

"I found myself chacing the two Renault Alpines all day, and managed to get within 1/2 a second of them on my third run... I thought that I had them within reach, then one of them (Colin Stark) did a 25.91!"

"The highlight of the day was being presented the 3rd place bronze medal by Ian Tate!"


127 Colin Stark (Alpine Renault A110)  26.55  26.30 25.91

110 John Hardy (Alpine Renault A110)  26.52  26.84  DNS

102 Richard Milligan (MGB)                  28.16  27.42  27.13


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