Hugh Gidney Driver Training Day
Sandown October 2006

Richard was involved once again as a volunteer instructor at the MGCC Hugh Gidney Driver Training Day
at Sandown on the 7th of October.........

Another successful Driver Training Day conduced by the MG Racing Register, now named in honour of Hugh Gidney......

Richard and David Parrot in Pit Lane at Sandown

"I took over student David Parrot from MG Racing Register Captain Jim Hall after Jim wasn't feeling well mid morning... I wondered what David did?
... Did he scare the crap out of Jim? ... or was Jim just feeling a bit 'off' this morning?"
By the end of the mornings defensive driving exersises David had got most of the sets right, and was gaining confidence.
Scutineer Ken Price had found a problem with a bit of movement in the left hand front suspension, and on further investigation by
Neil Hopwood turned-out to be just a bit of play in the wheel bearing and within tolerance... So we were able to proceed with the
all important 'High Performance' part of the day in the afternoon.

David's MGBGT was a late model US model and had been well sorted by the MET MG Racing Team (MET stands for 'Minimum Expenditure').
Robert Haywood and Peter Reid (MET Racing) had set-up the brakes and suspension and also built a new engine... the fresh engine
had only 500 miles on it, so we decided to limit the RPM to 4000 and use this session to finish running the engine in.
Short shifting through the gears using only 4000 RPM really was'nt a problem as the engine was smooth and had plenty of power in the midrange.
This MGB had overdrive, so we were still able to get good speed at the end of the straights without having to rev the engine.
We were able to get 90MPH (4,000RPM) out of it at the end of the front and back staights!
... This was fine as the organisers had limited everyone to 140KPH.

Richard... "I did a few laps mid afternoon and found the car to be very well set-up, so I was feeling comfortable and very confident
that David would do well by the end of the day.
David was probably a bit nervious at the start... I had heard that he was tought to be cautious!
... But by the end of the day he had learned a lot about himself and his MG and had improved out-of-sight!
This will certainly help him to do well when he gets involved with the MGCC Club Events in 2007."


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