Sandown July 2011 State Racing Round 3
MG Racing Championship Round 4


The Morris Garages Historic MGB leading John Baragwanath & Jim Robinson
at a very wet Sandown round 3 VSCRC July 2011 (Photo by Chris Carter)
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Sandown Report July 2011....

We ran the MGB at Sandown again (round 3) on the 23rd & 24th of July. Two MIE students helped in the Pits over the w/end... They were a couple of Asian boys, Desmond and "Spider". They have completed their Diploma and finished at Melbourne Institute of Engineering (MIE), but they are still interested in coming to the track. They were a real asset during the meeting... Desmond even came to the workshop on Friday 22nd and helped get the car over to Sandown, setting-up the pit garage before 6pm.

We did well in practice this time, qualifying 16th out of 27 cars, and did a 1:33.96sec... only a small margin from my team mate Robert.
We got down to 1.32sec in the last two laps, breaking our fasted time at Sandown by 2 sec's.

It rained all Sunday, so we were able to give everyone a driving lesson on how to drive in the wet!

We managed to improve our lap time by another 2 secs in the dry race on Saturday. We came 3rd in class in race one, 1st in race two (& 9th outright), 2nd in race three and 2nd in race four.

We have now moved from 16th position to 8th outright in the Championship.

We finished 7th outright on points over the weekend.... This is our best result ever!

We won our class on points over the w/end, and we are now coming 2nd in the Historic class in the Championship.

We am currently getting a banjo diff set up for Winton... it's lighter than the sailsbury diff that we am currently running.

We will run with the old engine to see if we can improve our times at Winton... which is the next round on the 27 & 28th of August.

You can view the results for each race on the link (below) at Natsoft......


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