Telescopic Shocker Kits

Morris Garages can now offer a rear telescopic shocker kit for the MGB.

The kit can be sold in pure kit form (mounting brackets or as a complete kit
with either Koni (recommended) or a cheaper Munroe shocker.

The Koni shockers are quality units and are fully adjustable.

This is the same kit as used on our MGB Historic racer
and makes a big improvement in handling and ride.

Telescopic shock absorbers are another Morris Garages product
that will help bring your MGB up to modern standards.

Current price is......

Basic rear kit (mounting brackets) $150.00

Complete kit (Koni shockers) $470.00

Complete kit (Munroe shockers) $310.00

Koni 'Classic' shockers $340.00 (pair)

Munroe shockers $160.00 (pair)

Front Telescopic Shocker Kit

Morris Garages can modify your MGB to accept a telescopic shocker inside the front coil spring.

This set-up is not cheap to do, but is the best way of fitting front telescopic shockers
to you MGB and is the system used on many MGB V8 racing cars.... POA.

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Updated 16/2/05