Testing at Sandown November 2003

Richard in pit lane with the Morris Garages Historic Group
Sc MGB during testing at Sandown 23rd Nov '03.
(Pic by David Lee)

Testing the MGB at Sandown Nov.'03....

Volunteer instructors are given approx. 45minuites free track time to test their MG's at the end of the day.

After testing the Morris Garages Group Sc MG Richard made the following evaluation:

"The car tested ok, except for my brand new Needham gearbox, jumping out of third gear.... I must say that the ratio's are a vast improvement over the STD box."

"I also had some more oil pressure problems... With the oil pressure progressively droping off after a few laps, so I couldn't give the car the work-out that we had anticipated.
We will need to R&R the gearbox and get it repaired over Christmas, so we use this opportunity to strip the engine and re-assess the problem over the new year.
On a positive note, I was very happy with the braking, handling and the diff and clutch set-up. The engine had heeps more low down, which helps out of the corners."

The next event is Historic Rob Roy Hillclimb on the 30th November, where we will try some different oil and give the car a run and see how we go.


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