Parishes of St Gabriel’s, Bexley and
St Mary MacKillop’s, Rockdale City

Parish Priest - Fr Brendan Quirk Assistant Priest - Fr John Ssemeganda

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Mary MacKillop

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" May God bless you and keep you strong."   - Saint Mary MacKillop    28.9.1875

Parish Office: 13 Parker Street, Rockdale 2216.  Phone: 9567 1558; Fax: 9556 2094
Parish Secretaries: M Chappell (Monday) & L Anca (Tuesday - Friday)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
Italian Chaplain - Fr Adriano Pittarello (Mascot) 9667 3040
Schools: St Francis Xavier’s Primary, Arncliffe - 9567 5389 Principal: Mr Kevin Bryson
St Joseph’s Primary, Rockdale - 9599 2541 Principal: Ms Carolyn Yeats
St Gabriel’s Primary - 9502 1932 Principal: Ms Anne Melrose
Baptisms: St Francis Xavier’s, Arncliffe - 1st Sunday of the month at 12.00 noon
St Joseph’s, Rockdale - 2nd Sunday of the month at 11.30am
St Gabriel’s, Bexley - 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.00am
Weddings: Monday to Saturday by appointment
Created: 30 March 2002
Modified: 16 October 2016