Railway Indicator

Compiled by John Hallett

"Dear Parents/Patrons,",

So began the first article in what was to become known as RAILWAY INDICATOR.

Well, 50 issues later, RAILWAY INDICATOR is still going strong, containing many informative articles and interesting photographs contributed by members and subscribers.

Welcome to this special colour 50th Edition of RAILWAY INDICATOR, celebrating the last 8 years of publication.

From details on excursions and Club activities, to upcoming model railway displays and special railway events, to articles on a myriad of railway and model railway topics, RAILWAY INDICATOR has kept members and their parents, and subscribers, informed on what was going on in railway circles and put them "on the right track" to railway modelling.

Originally known as the AMRC (Asquith Model Railway Club as we were then known) Newsletter, issue number 1 (all of 2 pages!) appeared in June, 1988 and began by detailing our new letterhead, the new Newsletter, as well as an upcoming excursion by steam train to the N.S.W Rail Transport Museum at Thirlmere, amongst other things.

Issue number 2, still known as AMRC Newsletter, arrived one month later and had increased to four pages, detailing the new committee for 1988/89, comprising Daniel Riezenkamp, President; David Macefield, Treasurer; and yours truly, Administrator.

The new Club address, at P.O. box 51, Asquith, was noted, as was the donation of an 8’ x 4’ layout, an excursion to Cardiff Workshops, upcoming model railway exhibitions, and an article marking the 42nd anniversary of the Hawkesbury River railway bridge.

Issue number 3, published in August, 1988, brought the change of name to RAILWAY INDICATOR, as well as the first photographs – at least in black and white!

An interesting article proclaimed that "…the club’s layout was on display and in operation at the Education Week Open Day at Asquith Boys’ High School on August 9, 10 and 11" and that the club received donations in the princely sum of "$8.22" as well as "many warm and enthusiastic remarks.". Issue 3 also gave information on the activities of visiting English steam locomotive 4472 Flying Scotsman with AUS STEAM 88, and an article on "Changed Stations – Names and Locations".

Over the next three or so years, RAILWAY INDICATOR continued to be produced in the same format (black and white photocopied and A4 in size), although increasing in size over the years to a minimum of 10 full pages and changing format slightly in February, 1989 (issue 6), with the acquisition of a new electric typewriter by the Editor and to include a new front page design centered around a drawing of a train hauled by steam locomotive 3801.

"Dog on Fish", "4472 Flying Scotsman", "The Sydney-Perth Standard-Gauge – 20 Years on", "The North Shore Branch", "Trams and Trolley Busses" were just some of the many articles which graced the pages of RAILWAY INDICATOR over these years, as will as various articles on locomotive depots, classes of locomotives, railway lines, as well as a very interesting article about the effect the sun has on the Indian Pacific carriages and the way in which the problem was resolved. A number of inserts were also added to the pages of RAILWAY INDICATOR during these years, the majority of which were kindly supplied by the State Rail Authority, detailing activities and upcoming events.

February, 1992, marked a most dramatic change in the production of RAILWAY INDICATOR. It was with this issue (issue 24), that colour was introduced and the present format of RAILWAY INDICATOR was born. Comprising colour covers and 20 pages, RAILWAY INDICATOR has been produced for the past four and a half years to a standard matching the journals of many other larger and older railway clubs in Australia.

The wide variety of articles common to the original series of issues have continued through to the more modern design, and have been joined by many other popular series and articles over the years, including "Little Layouts", "Locomotives of the S.R.A of N.S.W.", "A Train First-aid Kit", "Cardiff Farewell", "Trip on the X2000 Tilt Train" and "N.S.W. Railways Celebrate 140 Years of Service", as well as articles detailing our club activities, excursions and model railway exhibitions, and a special issue (Issue 33, August, 1993) dedicated to the railways of Canada.

The happenings, the history, the forecasts and the photos – how interesting it has been looking and reminiscing over the last 50 issues of RAILWAY INDICATOR.