The NSWSSMRC is involved in many activities, including layout building and exhibiting, chasing trains, excursions to locomotive depots, steam railways, museums, and other places of interest, as well as holding general meetings where we discuss where the club is heading.

This section contains the information on these activities. Click on the images to go to the pages.

Our Calendar of Events details what we have planned for the year ahead. All our official meetings, excursions and exhibitions are listed here.

This page contains information on major activities (such as exhibitions) we are participating in, and those we have had recently.

This page explains what we do on our excursions and contains articles on excursions we have been on recently.

The club is currently working on two layouts - Sandy Creek and our new N Scale American prototype layout. View pictures of them and read about how they are progressing here.

The Club produces a bi-monthly magazine, Railway Indicator, which all members are subscribed to. Some articles are contained here.

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