Coming up . . .

We have no more major public events planned for 2001. However we still have some big excursions coming up - including chasing 3801 and 3830 to Werris Creek - and work on both layouts will continue. Our next major event will probably be our Open Weekend, however the date is not known for this yet.

Previous events this year

Sydney Model Railway Exhibition, September 29 - October 1, 2001

We attended this event with more than usual - two layouts! Sandy Creek in its full form was there, and Appalachia Valley was also in attendance and running (mainly due to some hasty, last-minute wiring!!!). The exhibition was of very high quality - exactly 100 stands were present, many from interstate.

We recieved a lot of encouragement about both layouts, and some constructive criticism (yes, Sandy Creek needs trees, and Appalachia Valley's spline is too steep!!), and overall people seemed impressed with our display - despite a last minute problem on Sandy Creek that effectively reduced us to one mainline controller for the duration of the show. On behalf of the Club, I would like to say thanks very much to the Australian Model Railway Association, for organising a very good show, and catering for our increasing space requirements. Not only did you give us the space required, but you also put us in a very good position within the hall. Thanks also go to members of the public, and to operators of other stands, for their encouragement and advice, which we will be acting on. Next year, hopefully, you will see the results! And finally, thanks must go to all those who helped with setting up our stand this year - to the parents who made their time available in difficult circumstances, to the members who committed themselves to the exhibition, and to John Hallett, our Adult Administrator, who took an entire week off (basically putting the rest of his life on hold) in order to make sure we were fully prepared for our biggest display thus far. We could not have done it without you!

Open Weekend, April 7/8, 2001

Pictures to appear soon
The Club hosted it's annual Open Weekend to promote the club, recruit new members, and raise funds for the construction of our new N scale layout, Appalachia Valley.

Entry was by donation, and there was a raffle, food stall, and a U drive. Although costs were slightly up this year, these were well offset by the high attendance levels and visitor generosity, and we made enough to ensure Appalachia Valley will go ahead.

The Open Weekend featured a number of layouts, including our own Sandy Creek, as well as some members layouts. Many commented on the improvements to Sandy Creek - the painting of the backboards, the new turntable facility and new buildings (we now officially have a town - the pub opened a week before the event!!!). Thanks go to all those who helped set up the event - the members and their parents who supplied layouts, food, labour and raffle prizes, and to the visitors who supported us so well. We are looking forward to next years open weekend, where Appalachia valley should feature!

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