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Glenn Watson - 26/12/2000
My URL:http://www.amransw.asn.au
My Email:glenn@cyberdog.com.au
How did you find this site?: We have linked to it!
A very good site with your enthusiasm and skill showing easily. Dark backgrounds with dark text a readability no-no. However, the photos and 3D pre-constructions are great! We have linked to your site from the Australian Model Railway Association NSW Branch site (URL above).

Poiter - 23/12/2000
My URL:http://bite.to/ptw
My Email:Squidgybo161@hotmail.com
How did you find this site?:
Great site Brendan. You really have put some work into the picture gallery. i.e. caterorgising it. (I can't spell!)

JD12NV - 2/12/2000

My Email:jd12nv@austarnet.com.au
How did you find this site?: Searching....
Hey, pretty good sight.. Lucky s____ went to werris :( Sad eyes... me is a sad boy.. Dont ya just love 44's and 620/720 sets running on pathetic HO layouts hehehe .. lol :) happy eyes happy eyes :)

Aaron - 03/10/2000
My Email:couldbe@primus.com.au
How did you find this site?: 2000 Syd, R/way. Exhibition guide.
Good site you have put together there, some really good pictures for reference of loco's, except for one picture location, on page ten of your site with the rail bus, that picture is taken south at Goulburn, at the ex NSWGR round house in one of the stora e roads, not north as the info states, just a friendly correction.

Dan - 03/07/2000
My Email:dan@home.com
How did you find this site?: friend
cool site

Brendan - 29/04/2000
My URL:http://nswssmrc.zap.to
My Email:nadnerb_2000@start.com.au
How did you find this site?: I made it!

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