Railway Indicator


Every two months the club produces Railway Indicator, a small colour magazine. Members and occasionally outside correspondants submit articles, photos, and information for inclusion in the publication. Anything and everything about railways in Australia is produced, with the occasional overseas content added. Over 50 issues of the magazine have been produced over 10 years, the majority of which are still available for a small price.

The Current Issue

Issue 56

Railway Indicator is now produced in a new format! From issue 54, we have modernised and updated the look and content of the magazine. Now, rather than using photocopiers, dot matrix printers and original photographs, we use modern scanning, layout and printing techniques to make it look clear, crisp and professional. With the new format there will be more colour, with a colour centrefold in each issue as well as a colour front and rear page.

Past Issues

Issue 55
Issue 54
Issue 53
Issue 52

At the moment we are rewriting some of these articles for posting up here. This may take a while, however we do have an article up and there are plans for several more to go with it.

Here it is - enjoy!

The Articles

50th issue of Railway Indicator

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