Member Profiles

These are some of our Club members!:

Name: John Hallett

Position: Adult Administrator
Length of time in the Club: Since 1987, when he founded it
Age: If I reveal that, I run the risk of not making it to my next birthday!
Hates: KFC
Interests in the hobby: Layout building, modern day trains, photography, chasing steam trains

Name: Brendan Robinson

Position: Web Master
Length of time in the Club: Since 1994
Age: 18
Hates: pop-up ads
Interests in the hobby: Prototype, modern day and historic trains, layout building and running

Name: Peter Bickford

Position: Public Relations Officer
Length of time in the Club: Since March, 1998
Age: 13
Claims to fame: Made a train picture page (see the links page for the location)
Interests in the hobby: American and Australian
Quote: "..........Huh?"