Too far from Sydney's north?

If you find it difficult to attend meetings due to the distance you live from the club or other commitments, you may be elligable for a reduced fee. You recieve the same benefits, the reduction in price is an acknowledgement that you may not be able to attend as fully as possible.

Not in NSW, or too far away?

This is a situation that is quite difficult. New South Wales is a big state, and Australia is only a few square kilometres smaller than the USA mainland. It would not be fair to suggest that the club is only available to those in the immediate area.

There is however something you can do! Contact the Adult Administrator,
John Hallett, for information on creating a new branch of the club.

All you need is:

- A group of school students (the size of it doesnt matter) interested in any aspect of railways. ou may already have a club and wish to expand - this can be negotiated;

- A responsible adult to co-ordinate activities. This could be a parent, school teacher, or any adult who is interested in trains. No skills necessary;

- Somewhere you can meet. This could be a class room, store room, garage, shed - anything! Ask your local school, they may have something for you (this is how the NSWSSMRC started - in a Geography store room). It doesnt necessarily have to accomadate a layout, but if you intend to build an exhibition layout it helps.

Not a big list is it? And you get these benefits:

- Subscription to Railway Indicator to all members. This will not cost a lot as we will give the magazine to you at cost price. The money can be re-imbursed with membership fees;

- Ability to participate in your hobby. With a group of people, going on excursions, building layouts and participating is a lot easier. Another benefit is that unlike many other clubs, it is the students who decide what to do and the adult who co-ordinates that. Despite many clubs becoming more tolerant to youth, it is still difficult for a school student to participate in a club activity. A club for school students does not have that restriction;

- Contact and activities with other branches. At the moment there is only one branch, but with another branch overnight trips can be planned, exhibitions of each branch can be supported by the other, and contact with the rail fraternity is increased;

- Becomming part of a growing organisation. The bigger the club and the further it goes, the bigger the reputation of the club and the more it will expand. We have exhibited in some of Australia's largest and oldest exhibitions, attended many events and held successful exhibitions of our own. We want students of Australia to be able to access the hobby, and this is the way to do it;

- Your branch will be given pages on this website or linked to it. If you want to have an independant student club, you may also have pages linked to this site. Contact our Web Master, Brendan Robinson, for further information.

This has been achieved in other parts of the world with big success. The Teen Association of Model Railroaders in the United States started small, but has since expanded, and now is a very large and international organisation that is still expanding. The potential is there for students of Australia to do the same thing or something similar. Contact us and get involved!