What you WiLL find here:

Here you will find things that interest me. Also there's some information from tests I have done, reviews on games I have played (that I though was worth commenting on) and some information and links on other general information that may be of some benefit.

Something that always bugs me, when I select a link, or load a page, I have no idea of how large it is, and therefore the potential duration it will take to load. So what I have done on the menu (in the left edge frame), you'll notice that there are numbers on the bottom right of the menu buttons. These number represents the maximum size in KB that has to be loaded to view the whole page in all its glory. Smaller if you don't load images by default.

What you WiLL NOT find here:


Well I wasn't going to initally worry about a What's New section, but after making a few changes, I thought it would be prudent to let you know.





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