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Royal Enfield Bullet Piston History

Last Update: September 21, 2010 11:30 AM

Owner/Forum Name Location Bullet Model Year Manu. Piston Make Piston Supplier Piston Fitted Kilometers achieved Piston Condition Ring Condition Bore Condition Other Comments
Gary67 SA (Aust) Classic 2008 OEM RE 2008 6,000 Good Good Good Not thrashed. Treated well. Run in gently.
Gary67 SA (Aust) Classic 2008 JP - Busby JP 2009 4,000+ - - - Run in gently. Now handles 80-90km/h for extended periods.
Clobber WA (Aust) Deluxe 1999 OEM RE 1999 38,000+ - - - Not thrashed. Piston change to 535 pending, just starting to smoke
Clobber WA (Aust) Deluxe 1999 OEM RE 1999 40,000 crown separation - ok Crown seperation, barrel ok.
Dr. Roob Tas deLuxe 2005 OEM RE 2005 12,000 melted invisible wrecked  looked good at 8000. Crown sep'd on V. Hot Day  at 100kph+
Dr. Roob Tas deLuxe 2005/2001 OEM RE 2001 3,500 good Good Good original piston of new 2001 engine I put into the deLuxe. Changed for JP
Dr. Roob Tas deLuxe 2005/2001 JP - Busby JP 2009 800 rear skirt damage Good fair piston nipped up without seizing. Probable cause: overheating due to IGN timing too retarded coupled with too high a speed too soon.
TrevorM Ulverstone Tas Deluxe 2006 OEM RE 2006 6,757 Good Rooted Good treated well - run in gently
TrevorM Ulverstone Tas Deluxe 2006 JP Busby JP 2009 350 + - - -
Jim6271 W.A. Classic Military 2005 OEM RE From new 38,500 Crown separated at ring groove area N/A Good Treated normally mostly country running at 85/95 kph
Jim6271 W.A. Classic Military 2005 OEM RE 38,500 klm,s 10,000 So far so good N/A N/A Fitted whilst waiting for JP Piston – sounded good so left in – have new JP one and barrel on shelf in case needed.
Andy Cocktails TAS Classic 1993 OEM RE Assume 93 6,000 Distorted oil slit, crown damage from foreign object Good Slight scratch, assume from object Questionable background, at time of change it wouldn’t have had many kms left in it.
Andy Cocktails TAS Classic 1993 JP - Busby JP 2009 500+ - - - Run in gently. Starting to take it up to 80ks every now and then.
Poppy NSW Classic 2006 OEM RE 2006 13,600 - - - Original - Bike serviced every 1500 klms well looked after
Kanakaken NSW Classic 2006 OEM RE 2006 23,000 Good Good Good piston looks like new, top ring has a 10 thou clearance, can still see cross hatching of original honing of bore. Run in with extreme caution. Pulled down because big end blew. Cause possible OPR failure or just a bad BE bearing
Charles Vic De Luxe 1994 OEM ???? 1999 25,000+ Destroyed Ok +20 thou (needs a bore)' On the Hutt River ride the exhaust valve broke and destroyed piston and cylinder head, petrol cap vacuuming and caused engine to run lean over heating the exhaust valve stem which snapped.
Charles Vic De Luxe 1994 JP JP 2010 0 New New +40 thou' After giving back parts that got me home to Vic, engine rebuilt with Norm new (second hand from codger) head cylinder bored out to remove a small amount of scouring.  Roller big end already fitted with very nice custom forged con rod.
Dr. Roob   Tas   deLuxe   2005 JP (Busby spec) RE   2010 1000+… - - Original unhoned This piston is my last chance for JP. Having had 2, one that nipped up (see above) and one that seized. I must say that this is the first one that ACTUALLY conformed to Tim Busby's specs. The other 2 in comparison were not. I asked JP for the specific items that Tim specified and a 6 thou clearance. There's slight piston slap when cold, but it's going great at a full range of speeds. At 500k I used MBL8 by PRO-MA in the new oil I put in. This is known as ACTIV8 in U.K. and is highly recommended by Pete Snidal. It's gote my vote too.