Niobe Dean



agent: Now Actors Management

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tel: +61 3 9826 5233

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equity: 3638617

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2005 Last Man Standing Vicky Burberry Productions
2005 Australian Open TV Presenter AOTV
2005 Last Man Standing Girl 1 Burberry Productions
2005 Forget the Rules Kim - Lead Catfish Productions
2002 Neighbours Sally Kirk Grundys
2001 Neighbours Sally Kirk Grundys  
2000 Damon Dark Veruca Stone Sherlock Productions  
  2005 Tacet Effect Head Vampire Available Light Productions
  2005 Maeder - Another thing coming Bad Girl Encore Productions  
2003 Rectifiers Lead Mikael Brain  
2003 1001 Arabian Nights Ali Shawki  
2002 Vortech the Traveller Amanda Parapark Productions  
2002 Mr Showbiz Lead Animefex Productions  
2002 The Morning After Lead Upstart Films  
2002 CopOut Filmnet Films  
2002 Noir is French for Black Lead Sarah King  
2002 The Touch Joel Hoffman  
2001 Unrequited Amanda Footscray Film School  
2001 Bloodlake 3D Chris Grey Ghost Productions  
2001 Joe Bus VCA Production  
2001 Broken Allegiance Calis Nick Hallam Productions  
2001 Fashion Police Scarlett Animefex Productions  
2000 Radio Samurai Radio Listener Hybrid Films  
2000 Awesome Available Light Productions
2002 August Rain Lead Dir: Matt Norman  
2000 Hamlet Ophelia Stonnington Theatre Company
2000 Extremities Lead Beaumaris Theatre Company
1999 Insecticide Deakin University Production
2005 Pantene Frizz Defence Stylist  
2003 Inside Entertainment Lead Exit Films  
2003 Reece Plumbing Featured Renegade Films  
2003 So Natural Soy Milk Lead Hub Productions  
2003 Vodaphone Lead Stefi Films – Greece  
2003 Delta Lead Top Cut Films – Greece  
2002 Myer Featured Exit Films  
2002 Bega Light Cheese Lead Zealot Films  
2001 2% Softdrink Bride Basecamp Productions – Sth Korea
2005 Choices & Alternatives TAFTA  
2005 The Ultimate Screentest Workshop 2 TAFTA  
2003 English Accent Tuition Jennifer  
2003 Audition Master Class Tom McSweeney  
2003 The Ultimate Screentest Workshop 1&2 TAFTA  
2002 American Accent Tuition Michael Dalley  
2002 Acting For Film & TV – Intermediate Louise Talmedge  
2001 Voice Training Bel Foster  
1999 Bachelor of Contemporary Arts –Drama Deakin University  
Accents: American (standard), English, Indian  
Sports: Horse riding & jumping, martial arts, basic sword and weapons (guns), motorcycle, scuba diving, dance/aerobics, badminton  
Other: Model, voice overs, drivers licence (manual), motorcycle licence (learner)  


Broken Allegiance



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