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"Providing Practical Solutions"

Welcome to Hauck's new world of combustion.
The tools provided in the programs contained in E-Solutions will open a new era of computational power for solving combustion and heat transfer problems. In addition the program contains a complete model for sizing combustion systems for both gas and oil.

The underlying scientific programs reside in an elegantly designed, easily navigated user interface for instant, error free computations.

The program is designed for a specific user who:
  •  Is knowledgeable of basic combustion system nomenclature and usage.
  •  Has a need to assemble information to complete a design or analyze a problem, and
  •  Can define the problem and find the right programs to generate a solution.

Programs contained.
Air heaters                        Hauck orifice meter calcs.
Blowers                            Low temp aggregate drying
Branch pipe sizing             Natural convection
Emission calculations        Orifice meter calcs
Energy saving                   Physical prop. of gases and liquids
Flue sizing                        Physical properties of solids
Fluid mechanics                Radiation
Forced convection            System design
Fuel combustion               Unit conversions
Fuel data                          Wobbe index
Furnace heat losses

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