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Western Australia

  Cultivation of epiphyllums

The Epiphyllum is best grown under shade cloth (70%) with little or no direct sun, especially in summer. Never let epiphyllums dry out in summer or stay too wet in winter.

Potting mixture needs to be free draining above all else. If using ordinary potting mix, you must add a portion of granular material (eg charcoal, river sand or both) so that it drains freely. Never have saucers under pots.

Do not use high nitrogen fertilisers or you will get a big plant with few flowers. A slow release fertiliser is OK, liquid seaweed is good. Always use fertilisers in moderation.

Snails and slugs love these plants!!!!!!!!

November to January (in Australia) is the best time to strike cuttings, but you can strike them at any time. Leave cuttings inside for a week or two until the cut part is healed. Plant in river sand or some other coarse mix, leave in the shade and water sparingly until growth starts.

Never put a small plant in a big pot. Work the pot size up gradually, or you will have very few flowers.

Plants that are at least two years old and slightly root bound will flower from October until December.

Epiphyllums are quite hardy and will stand some neglect as long as the basics are understood.

Good Growing!


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