This is my T-TRAK page for my current projects.  Photo's will be added as I progress.  The latest ones will always be at the top.


30th June 2007

This is my drainage module.  A wheat field is on the left, and that is real rust in the drains!  It's amazing what an old bike pump can do with some imagination!

This double straight module bridge and cut has used the cut out sections to create the edge for the mountain.  I try not to waste anything I cut off.

This is the first module which I finished.  This is also the same one that is in the 'How to make a T-TRAK Module" PDF in my PDF download files.


23rd May 2007.


Modules made:  From top - Return end (365mm x 730mm), 2 single corners (365mm x 365mm), triple module (928mm x 300mm), Double Module (Mountain - 618mm x 300mm) and Single Module (308mm x 300mm)


Different View of the modules - note that all these will make an oval loop.

Underneath view of the triple module.  Note the adjusting legs in the corners.

More Photo's will be added as I progress.

John Rumming.