(in Western Australia)


One of My Modules.                            One of Doug's Modules.  

I went to the Australian N Scale Convention in Adelaide, South Australia in 2007 and had a great time.  While I was there I saw the T-TRAK layouts in operation.  I met with Andrew George and had a good discussion with him about the idea.  I had heard of it, but never seen it in action and when I did, I was hooked on the idea straight away.  The T-TRAK In Australia website is at http://t-trak.nscale.org.au

T-TRAK has developed into a worldwide idea and will grow when more people see it.  It is designed to be displayed on a standard fold out table or similar.  It does not have it own legs, therefore displaying a very lightweight and compact layout that can be taken almost anywhere.  Here is a great link for the MelbNTrak group and their T-TRAK modules.

After coming back from the convention I embraced the idea.   Within a day I went to my local hardware store, bought all the wood and accessories I needed, went home and built the modules.  One day is all it took to do the modules you will see at this link.  This is how quickly you can do the modules. I used 6mm MDF as it is strong and light enough for me.  Wooden blocks in the corner not only keep it straight, but also supply an area to put the adjustable legs in.  I have adopted the alternate standard - that is the following:

A PDF on how to do a T-TRAK module is at my PDF site here.

Photos of my T-TRAK modules can be found at this link.

More Australian T-TRAK photos from exhibitions are at this link.

I also have some Youtube Videos on Australian T-TRAK under the name nuggles58.

Details of T-TRAK cutting templates are available.

Base/Starter cutting template (2 single straights and 4 corners): Here

Double cutting template : Here

Triple cutting template: Here

I hope you support this idea, as many easy modules make an interesting layout.

John Rumming.