Build notes

Below is a sketch and dimension of Trykes profile

Vehicle is very loosely based around a Morgan style trike configuration

Chassis fabricated from 25 mm rhs tube 1.6 mm wall

Independent front suspension (unequal wishbone, coil over shocks)

Honda prolink rear and single spring/damper unit from Honda cx650

Steering rack ford escort

Steering column holden Gemini collapsible upper and lower shafts

Cortina uprights and discs and calipers

VW superbug master cylinder and pedal cluster

Rear brake caliper ford laser with integral handbrake

Reverse gear is starter motor acting on drive gear on drive shaft

Engine cx 650 Honda

Body panels hand formed aluminum. boot lid steel.

Seats recut l/rover foams then reupholstered

In the state of Victoria (Australia)

A morgan style 3 wheeled vehicle is designated a Motor Tricycle

L-group Vehicle category LEP-2

The definition being it is

Over 450kg unladen mass and /or the drivers seat is not of a saddle type, has 2 or more seating positions, and /or has a permanent structure to the rear of and 200 mm above the undeformed surface of the drivers seat cushion, and 2 wheels at the front, one at the rear.

As such in order to be registered the chassis must pass a torsion and beaming test, brake test, handling tests, and it be demonstrated that the vehicle conforms to the following Australian Design Rules

Applicable ADRs as of august 2005

01/00 reversing lamps 03/02 seats and seat anchorages

04/03 seat belts

05/04 anchorages for seat belts

10/01 steering column

14/02 rear vision mirrors

18/02 instrumentation

18/03 instrumentation

21/00 instrument panel

22/00 head restraints

23/01 passenger car tyres

25/02 anti theft lock

31/00 hydraulic brake systems for passenger cars

31/01 brake systems for passenger cars

37/01 emission controls for light vehicles

42/04 General safety requirements

43/04 vehicle configuration and dimensions

46/00 headlamps

47/00 reflex reflectors

48/00 rear reg plate illumination

49/00 front and rear side lamps stop lamps

51/00 filament globes

60/00 center high mount stop lamp

61/02 marking

67/00 installation of lighting and light signalling dev 3 wheel vehicles

83/00 external noise


The inspections and tests are carried out by a recognized engineer via the Authorized Signatory Program

The tryk is current working through these tests prior to registration



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