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We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at The Whyalla Hockey Grounds, Searle St,Whyalla Norrie  Meetings commence 7.30pm, all welcome

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Welcome to our website.  

The Whyalla Astronomy Group is a small regional branch of the Astronomical Society Of South Australia (ASSA). Our members are all amateur astronomers and we welcome anyone with an interest in astronomy to join us at any of our events. The group has a limited amount of equipment that can be used on viewing night by anyone who does not have their own. For more information please contact us via our contact page on this site.

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The Horse Head Nebulae

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For Beginners!

Do you look at the sky at night and wonder just what is up there?  Well astronomy will help you see and understand just what is out there. You don't need any equipment to start with, just looking up into the night sky will show you lots of exciting objects using just your naked eyes. Of course binoculars or a telescope will show you more and there are plenty of these around. Just be aware that the telescopes you see in dept stores promise much but deliver very little, magnifying power is not all that important, light gathering power is. We suggest that you come along to the group and see what our members are using before you go out and make a costly mistake, as with so much, you only get what you pay for  

Next Meeting Wednesday March 19th 2014

The topic for the night will be show and tell, some of our newer members have new scopes etc and we hope you will bring them along for us to look at all welcome and we would love to look at anyone's new gear


On Saturday 14th Oct 2013 our group hosted this event, we had approx 50 people turn up on the night. The evening was a beautiful on with very clear skies which made viewing a pleasure. As well as viewing the moon we were able to show visitors Venus, Saturn and Mercury. More photos in the photo gallery

This is Shylea’s 1st moon shot. Well done.