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North Korea Qualifies

North Korea political football cartoonThe 2010 finals in South Africa will have a rare appearance of North Korea. Political machinations are probably already underway. For more, see my blog

Germany 2006

cartoon of Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

Allez Henry. You can't stop the man with the ball on a string, the genius of les bleus. He did have some trouble remembering the off-side rule against Spain, so maybe he is almost fallible.

cartoon of blinfolded Swiss player

Swiss strikers

Is it a Swiss striker or a spectator? Who could watch as the Swiss failed to find the net in their penalty shootout against Ukraine? Aparantly they were the first team to ever exit the World Cup without conceding a goal. They are also possibly the first to score a duck in a penalty shoot out.

cartoon of peter crouch

Peter Crouch

Is England's Peter Crouch just too tall for the modern game? How do they fit him on the team bus?

By the way, what about that 'bubble wrap' stadium in München?

cartoon of no goal cartoon of linesman

Did the ball cross the line

Day 2, Argentina v Côte d'Ivoire. There was consternation as the ball appeared to cross the Côte d'Ivoire goal line. The referee consulted the linesman who said, 'due to general relativity, the ball caused space near the line to curve, thus no goal!'

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