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Astrophotography with a home made barn door guider, and even the truck hub cap allsky reflector.

My day job the LC/MS Unit, chromatography and mass spectrometry.

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thumbnail of mugabe cartoonJuly 08, I've conceded defeat and begun using a blog to vent my spleen. will be the place for more detailed outpourings than those that have appeared on this website. I've found that constructing some artwork and passages for this site too time consuming. The blog should allow me to get the cartoons and ideas out quicker with less worry about finished colour art and formatting tricks.

2008 Calendar is here

June 2008, Rogues Gallery, Mr June has arrived from Zimbabwe. be the first to put a copy on your fridge.

cartoon Mr January thumbnailDec 07. My Rogues Gallery Calendar kicks off with Mr January. Create political tension/argument/fist-fights in your office by placing one of these on the wall. I intend to release one per month so stay tuned.

Comic strip art

comic strip thumbnailNovember 2007, I've added some examples of my comic strips that were for my old cricket club newsletter. These are on my JAlbum site. and are produced by Phil Holt of Vic. Australia