Welcome to my web site

http://home.iprimus.com.au/paudcent/     Paul

This is the site for PUDGE, (otherwise known as Paul Audcent), my Tasmanian timber sculptures.

I sculpt mainly with Huon Pine and Myrtle logs, mostly natural fallen timber.

I have catagorized the sculptures into groups of small/medium/large pieces.

Each group has a set of small pictures (thumbnails), by clicking on these 'thumbnails' you get a larger picture of the sculpture available for sale, and the details of each piece and cost.

(Please note: Sold items have their large picture removed).

Note: The prices shown are A$ (Australian) and are ex Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Packing and transport charges are extra and at your cost. (I can arrange packing and transport if required).

To contact me via email:  paudcent@iprimus.com.au

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