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NRL 2006 Tipping Competition
Do you want to join an NRL 2006
Tipping Comp for season 2006?
"Rooty Hill RSL NRL Comp"
has been set-up at - FREE Footy Tipping Online.
How to Join
1.   Go to -
2.   Select "Register", and setup a User account (if you don't already have one at
3.   Once you have successfully registered a Username and Password, click on "Tipping" tab and then click "Join a Tipping Comp".
4.   You will be asked for an OzTips Competition Number and Password.
The Comp you've been asked to join is:
Comp#: 62232

Password: rooters
5.   That's it!  Full instructions on how to Tip can be found on the site by clicking on the "Help" tab.
Points Allocation
Tipping Option: Tipping with points start
  Correct Tip Incorrect Tip    
Regular Season: 1 0    
Finals: 0 0    
State of Origin: 0 0    



Your Sports Tipping Headquarters Online
All Correct Bonus: 1 Bonus points to be added if competitor has a perfect score for the round.
Hide Ladder After Round: Don't Hide Stops competitors from viewing tipping competition ladder after nominated round.
Non Submission: Away Calculation of points for competitors who fail to submit their tips by the weekly cut-off time. For example, "lowest" and an adjustment of -1 will give the non-submitter the lowest score for the round minus one point.
Adjustment: 0
Late Start: Average Allocation of points for competitors who start later than Week 1. For example, "Average" and an Adjustment of 2 will give the user the average of all other Tipsters' current total score ( rounded down to nearest point ) plus two points.
Adjustment: 0
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