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Fanart:: 19/1/2004
Check out the fanart section there is a great image submitted by Nikko

Newsletter:: 18/1/2004
Newsletter has been sent to everyone. please check your e-mail inbox.

Newsletter:: 15/1/2004
Our newsletter kingdom hearts: chain of memories forum newsletter, which will be delivered to everyone who's a member at the forum is almost done and complete. The only things left is for the moderators to write their summary/news for the board they have chosen. At the moment there is a news section, a quiz section, a competitions section, a fanarts section, a fanfics section and a kingdim hearts 2 section. You can request for more feature articles by contacting me or the other writters but otherwise give us a few weeks to finalise everything. Hopefully the newsletter will be sent before Saturday 17/1/2004.

Updated Moderators: 15/1/2004
The moderators at this moment is kairi9, aladdinsfan, nonheartless, darkriku and kioku. I suggest you contact them if your interested in something new, which can be added to the board they are moderator of or anything else that might be bothering you.

New Moderators:: 10/1/2004
Please welcome our new moderators for the competitions board and fanarts board. Their names are Aladdinsfan and Nonheartless and there role will be to write a weekly news article, which will be sent to people who are members of the forum. If you have suggests towards what they should write or queries please contact them.

News:: 5/1/ 2004
Site has been totally redone, if you have any problems with it or there are broken links please contact me. You will also find some new updates at the comments section, a must read.

Forum:: 5/1/2004
New policies are now in place at the forum. [click here to view]
Other changes include the deletion of massive topics which are off topic. Signatures with images and posts with three words are and will continue to be deleted on site.
These changes is best for the forum. It is now much easier to navigate and much easier to find the things your after, with full support at hand.

New year:: 1/1/2004
I hope everyone is having a great holiday and a great new year.

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This site as the banner suggests will be dedicated to the GBA version not the PS2.
Enjoy, while it is around and please become a member at the forum. The forum is dedicated to all three Kingdom Hearts games.
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+ You can also find the forum by typing into the address bar.

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