2000 Annual Report of the Christian Basketball Association Inc.

Tabled December 2000

“The Christian Basketball Association exists to provide a Christ– centered sporting environment for the development of relationships that encourage all people to be committed followers of Jesus Christ”
The Year 2000

The past season has been a period of great challenge but has resulted in another successful year of growth and outreach. New direction and initiative has been undertaken through the introduction of the All Star games, which has facilitated positive relationship building within the CBA and also with other basketball associations. This event is hoped to be further utilised in the future to promote the vision of the CBA through relationship building. The direction of such events and other outreach possibilities are under consideration, any contribution, feedback or ideas for future events would be greatly appreciated.

It is a blessing to have such a dedicated team of individuals who selflessly sacrifice their time to ensure the CBA continues to function. An enormous amount of work has been done behind the scenes this year, and our fantastic team of servants has undertaken the tasks presented to them to the best of their ability.

In particular I would like to thank Simone Cathie for her ongoing support, dedication and commitment to the CBA. It is with great sadness that after many years of service she is stepping down from her position and her professionalism and selflessness will be greatly missed. We wish Simone all the best and give her our thanks and appreciation for her hard work over the years, as she has been instrumental in the CBA’s success.

I genuinely believe that more people especially team representatives need to get more involved on a committee level. I am sure that there are numerous skills, passions and abilities present amongst our players and representatives, which if encouraged could form a valuable contribution.

Our venue has been of great concern this season. During winter, games were cancelled due to the leaking roof, the toilets have not been completed as expected, and access has been difficult for some at times. It is for these reasons that as a committee we are actively searching for an alternative venue. Several options are under consideration and it is hoped that in 2002 we will be able to move to a venue with more desirable facilitates and long term growth potential.

At the conclusion of the summer season our referees coordinator Greg Partridge stepped down and Matt Willocks undertook the position. Matt has been a great encouragement to referees, leading by example. Next year the position will be structured differently with Matt undertaking the Head Referee’s position and another becoming the Referees Administrator. Matt will be responsible for training and directing our referees, whilst the administrator will be responsible for fixturing.

In closing I would like to thank you all for your support and involvement. It has been greatly appreciated.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Hooper