By Laws of the Christian Basketball Association Inc.

Revised November 1998

1. 1. Except where herein provided the Amateur laws of the Christian Basketball Association shall be those accepted by the International Basketball Federation (F.I.B.A) or as modified by the Australian Basketball Federation or the Victorian Basketball Association as amended from time to time.

2.1. The regulations dealing with conduct of players in the Christian Basketball Association shall be the Tribunal By-Laws of the Victorian Basketball Association, as amended from time to time.

3.1. A player or team (through its captain) may report any official for any misconduct such as listed in Clause 4.24.3 (Reportable Offences) of V.B.A Tribunal Bylaws.

3.2. A letter or report form giving details of the conduct of the officials, signed by the player, shall be lodged with the Association Secretary within 48 hours. The Secretary shall forward such complaint to the appropriate officer of the V.B.A.

4.1. Any team desiring to lodge a protest in respect to any game must endorse the score sheet in the presence of the referees or an association official, signifying their intention to protest.

4.2. The official protest must be lodged, in writing, to the Secretary of the Association within 48 hours of the game. A $20.00 bond is to be lodged with the protest. The protest shall then be dealt with by the Committee.

4.3. If the protest is upheld then the bond will be refunded and if the protest is considered unjustified by the committee then the bond will be forfeited and paid into the Christian Basketball Association general account.

5.1. The following standing orders shall be observed at the Association meetings.

5.2. The mover of proposition shall not speak for more than ten minutes; subsequent speakers shall be allowed five minutes, and the mover of the proposition five minutes to reply.

5.3. Whenever an amendment is proposed upon an original proposition, no second amendment shall be taken into consideration until the first amendment has been disposed of.

5.4. If an amendment is carried, it shall displace the original proposition and become itself the proposition to which any further amendment be moved.

5.5. If an amendment be negative, then a further amendment may be moved to the original proposition, but only one amendment shall be submitted to the meeting for discussion at one time.

5.6. The mover of every original proposition, but not of an amendment, shall have the right to reply, immediately after which the question shall be put from the chair. No other member shall speak more than once on the same question, unless permission be given to explain, or the attention of the Chairman be called to a point of order.

5.7. Propositions and amendments shall be submitted in writing when requested by the Chairman.

5.8. Any discussion may be closed by a resolution - "that the question be now put" being moved, seconded and carried, and any such resolution shall be put to the meeting without debate.

6.1. The referee's decision is deemed as final.

6.2. Only the team captain or coach may question the referee's decision. This is to be done during half time or at the completion of play.

6.3. Disputing the referee's decision by a player will result in a technical foul. If a substitute player, coach, team follower or anyone sitting on the bench disputes the referee's decision, a bench technical foul (a team foul) will be awarded against that person.

7.1. If a team does not have a minimum of four players on the court within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time, that team will forfeit 20 - 0. A scratch match may then be played for the balance of the time.

7.2. Any team that forfeits a game without giving 36hours notice will be subject to a $40.00 fine, which must be paid prior to the next game. A team will not be permitted to play until the fine is paid. Such a fine is to be paid into the general account of the Christian Basketball Association. Any team having forfeited for a third time in any single season, with or without notice, will be disqualified from the Association for the remainder of the season.

7.3. If 36 hours notice is given, each player registered with the non-forfeiting team will be credited that game towards finals qualification, even though they do not have to turn up.

7.4. Length of Games: For a normal competition game, 45 minutes will be scheduled. This allows for 2 twenty-minute halves and a two-minute interval at half time. During the last three minutes of each half there will be no charged time-outs. During the last one-minute of each half there will be no substitutions other than for injury or compulsory substitutions.

7.5. Time Outs: One time-out per team per half is permitted for normal competition games. V.B.A. rules regarding time-outs will apply for finals.

7.6 Drawn Games: In normal competition rounds, a drawn game will be recognized. There will be no extra periods of play.

7.7. If, in the discretion of the referee, a game cannot commence or be continued due to unforeseen circumstances, within the allotted time of 45 minutes, the game will be considered a draw. If the 2nd half has commenced, the current score will be taken as final. The clock will continue to run.

8.1. Premiership points will be allocated as follows:

8.2. WIN - 3 points
8.3. LOSS - I point
8.4. DRAW - 2 points
8.5. FORFEIT - 0 points
8.6. BYE - 3 points

9.1. It s the captain's responsibility to ensure all players' names and numbers are on the score sheet and to check at the end of the game in case of a report.

9.2. Prior to half time, a player who attends a game, in which his/her team is competing, such game having commenced and if the player is willing to pay the game fee, may join the game provided that they complete the score sheet correctly. The player shall take the court as per a normal substitute.

9.3. Any protest regarding the score sheet or ladder details must be notified within 7 days to the Secretary of the Christian Basketball Association.

10.1. Each team is responsible for supplying a scorer and scoreboard operator for one half of the game. If no scoreboard operator is provided, then the scoreboard will only be used as a time clock. These persons do not have to be team players. Teams who fail to provide a scorer and score board operator will be penalized 5 points. If a substitution player is scoring, that player may not sub into the game except at timeouts or half time. The committee will provide scorers and scoreboard operators for all finals games.

11.1. Each player shall dress in regulation uniform consisting of a singlet and shorts. Singlets must have numbers of a contrasting colour to the main colour chosen. The colours must be clearly visible.

11.2. Acceptable numbers being 00, 4-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45 and 50-55. Tape or textured numbers are not permitted.

11.3. Singlets and shorts of the same colour shall be worn by all members of that same team. Singlets must be tucked in so that the colour of the shorts is shown. T-shirts may be worn under a singlet provided it is the same colour as the singlet and that permission has been granted by the committee.

11.4. Suitable basketball shoes are to be worn (non-marking, no black soled shoes).

11.5. Sports shorts without cuffs or buckles are permitted. Cycle, aerobic, board and shorts with open pockets are not to be worn.

11.6. Each player who is not dressed in regulation uniform will incur a loss of five (5) points for that match.

11.7. Uniform colours are to be approved by the committee. Brown singlets are regarded as Association colours, to be used when clashes occur.

11.8. Any team wishing to change its uniform colour is to inquire with the committee for information on unused colours in the particular grading. A request in writing should then be forwarded to the Secretary for committee approval.

11.9. Taped fingernails are not acceptable. Nails must be cut to a safe length prior to the start of the game. Players refusing to cut their fingernails when requested by officials are not permitted to take the court. Sports gloves are permitted upon approval of the court referee, prior to the start of the game.

12.1. Registration forms accompanied by fees shall be forwarded to the Secretary within the period as determined and publicized by the committee.

12.2. Each player must sign an application form to register.

12.3. Registration forms must be completed in all aspects or shall not be accepted.

12.4. Registration fees shall be determined by the committee. The committee has the power to adjust the dollar value of fees as required.

12.5. A player must be registered prior to taking the court in his/her first game.

13.1. The top teams of any grade as determined by the grand final will automatically be promoted to the next grade. The bottom teams of any grade may be relegated to a lower grade.

13.2. The committee reserves the right to re-grade teams as deemed necessary.

14.1. In semi and preliminary finals the clock will be stopped for:

Every whistle in the last 3 minutes of the game

14.2. In grand finals the clock will be stopped for:
Every whistle in the last I minute of the first half
Every whistle in the last 3 minutes of the game.

14.3. The top 4 teams are eligible to play in the finals series, but each player must have played at least 7 games to be eligible to play in the final series.

15.1. The Christian Basketball Association reserves the right to adjudicate, in the best interest of basketball and the competition, on matters not specifically covered within these By-Laws.

15.2. The Christian Basketball Association shall have the power to banish individuals (particularly spectators) from admission to the competition venue as a suitable penalty for misconduct.

15.3. The Association shall have power to refuse entry to teams or players for the next competition if dissatisfied with the team's performance (e.g.walkovers, rough play, non-cooperation, breaking rules).

16.1. Alterations to the By-Laws may be made at any general or special meeting of the Association by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.

17.1. Players wanting to transfer to another team must complete the appropriate form available from the Association Secretary, then submit it to the committee for consideration.

17.2. Transfer shall not take place until a clearance is provided in writing by the committee.

17.3. Unless players have a valid contract then they shall not be denied a clearance on request at the end of the season.

17.4. Transfer from a higher grading to an equal or lower grading shall not be permitted during the relevant season.

17.5. Players who play in 2 or more games in a higher grading shall remain in that higher grading and a transfer application must be submitted to the Association Secretary prior to the player’s next game following.

17.6. Transfer applications will not be accepted following the completion of the 6th week of the commencement of any season.

17.7. Where a person plays in any team contrary to these By-Laws, that player shall be deemed to be an unregistered player for that team. The team in which the unregistered player plays will be deemed to have forfeited those games in which that person played.

17.8. Every request for transfer received in accordance with these By-Laws will be considered by the committee. Any exceptional circumstances should be recorded on the transfer form for the information of the committee.

17.9. A clearance to play in any other Competition / Association is not required.