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The Christian Basketball Association Inc. is a bridge ministry to the unchurched through the agency of a local amateur basketball competition.

The association is non denominational and draws players from the Mornington Peninsula area of Melbourne Victoria Australia.

The association offers an outreach to teenages, adult men and women of the region. Teams are structured as Men's A, B, C and D Grades, plus Women's A, B and C Grades.

CBA Inc rules are well publicized and understood by all participants; each team will be made up of churched and unchurched players. The Coach and/or Captain are committed Christians who take responsibility for training, leadership and discipleship within the team.

A Code of Conduct is in place to encourage good sportsmanship and character development.

Thank you for your interest in the Christian Basketball Association Inc of Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Like all ministries, at times, we struggle both mentally and financially. We would appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

Matthew 25:21 " Not what we have, but what we do with what we do have, is the real measure of success".