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Australian Bird Songs
#Grey Shrike-thrush ~ Colluricincla harmonica

The Grey Shrike thrush is a rather unprepossessing little bird with mainly greyish plumage with olive-grey back, with pale grey-white cheeks & under parts. They can be found in forests and woodlands throughout most of Australia, except for some of the most arid areas. The Grey Shrike-thrush can also be found larger offshore islands and in southern New Guinea. This bird is a forager, mainly on the ground around fallen logs, but also on the limbs and trunks of trees, looking for insects, spiders, small mammals, frogs and lizards and occasionally fruit and seeds to eat. The Grey Shrike-thrush usually mates for life and inhabit the same areas throughout this time. Breeding territories of up to ten hectares are maintained. Their nest is a cup-shaped structure of dried vegetation, and may be constructed in the same site year after year. Both birds share the nest-building and incubation duties, caring for 3 to 4 young birds.

Ornithological Information from The Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia published by Angus & Robertson, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, Australia 1977.

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