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About the name "PunkClown"
If you had been wondering about the name "PunkClown" then here is a brief explanation ~ PunkClown began as a cartoon character (see cartoons of PunkClown drawn by PunkClown here) I used in my letters to friends interstate and/or overseas (this was in the days before easily accessible email) I didn't like writing line upon line of words, although I was very capable of filling volumes with stream-of-thought dribble (ask my teachers), so I insisted upon inflicting my questionable graphic talents upon my long-suffering friends....That is, when I actually did post what I had scribbled to them...half of the time I lost or misplaced unfinished letters. I wasn't a great correspondent by any means. So, PunkClown was this little guy that used to populate my correspondence, doodles and some of my artwork....after a while, however, something strange happened. PunkClown no longer was seen as the illustrated character. It seemed he had achieved an incredible feat of transformation; and reached out of his two-dimensional world, grabbed the pen/pencil/brush/mouse(whatever) and became the artist!!! (spooky music here) ...So PunkClown was born, matured and became sort-of like my alter-ego, except he wasn't, if you know what I mean...(which very few do)
Below is an example (admittedly a crass one) of PunkClown (the cartoon character) in an early incarnation.

PunkPhrrt2.jpg - 18239 Bytes

A Young PunkClown

It's hard to find any original drawings of him, as most of them were posted off into the world (the ones that weren't lost in the mess of my bedroom)...I wonder what happened to them?
If you are interested... I unearthed some more! (Drawings of PunkClown that is)...

Somewhere along the line, I discovered the fun of computing (on a Commodore Amiga to be exact) and computer graphics...Later on PunkClown, I mean I, eventually picked up a camera, and started photographing everything as well. "Capturing the bloody moment" as my sister-in-law would say! Much later on, after the company that made the Amiga computer went bust, and I bought a PC, I taught myself HTML...the results of which you are hopefully viewing (if I've done it right!) It is highly questionable as to whether I have mastered any of these medium, but I am an avid experimenter! That in a nutshell, is how PunkClown started....and has transmogrified from there into an ever evolving psuedo-entity that sometimes frightens even me...especially me, now I come to think of it! However, whatever he is, was, or may be, both he and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my (his... it's confusing having an alter-ego!) imagination...and even have a bit of a laugh at times. Above all, don't forget ~