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Australian Bird Songs
#The Kookaburra ~ Dacelo Novaguineae

The call examples above are the evening calls of some Kookaburras that live near me. The Kookaburra is famed for it's laugh...The Kookaburras laugh varies depending on the time of day and what they are doing. The last sound (bottom right button) has a dog barking at these cheeky birds ~ or I suppose the Kookaburras could have been laughing at the dog! The preferred habitat of the Kookaburra is woodland, forest clearings, timbered watercourses, farmland, orchards, parks and gardens. They range from Cape York in the far north of Australia right down the Eastern seaboard to South Australia, and inland along watercourses. They were introduced to S.W. Western Australia in 1987 and Tasmania in 1905.
Ornithological Information from The Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia published by Angus & Robertson, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, Australia 1977.

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