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Friday, October 31, 2003
I have placed a little sound byte of our local ambient soundscape for what seems like forever now...quite peaceful, but hard to get anything done outside with! Summer will be with us, eventually....no doubt this would be quite a welcome sound to anyone experiencing bushfires or drought at the moment... 
  One definition of futility...

Bug's back to say hello...and to find his way out of this box if he can...
Happy Halloween all!
  Comments are going AWOL in hyperspace ~ enetation must be having some hiccups lately, and yes, checking their forums there have been, in particular the "invisible comments issue" along with other stuff. Here is a post from one of the enetation admins:...
Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:10 pm Post subject: Comment popup problem
Users are posting the same comment multiple times to a number of comment pages. We suspect this is because the comments don't always appear as soon as the page reloads but this is causing problems with the slave database servers on a large scale today. We will need to perform a full resync of the slave databases tonight.
It's an erratic problem, for example, the "Time Lag" post, I could read and reply to comments, but on the "New Links" post (where 2 comments are meant to be) I can't.... ~ So, if anyone has left comments, my apologies for #1 - not being able to view them and/or #2 - not being able to reply! Perhaps I should learn PHP (or whatever) and build my own comments form thingy....Anyone know of some good tutorials/ideas regarding this? Stay healthy & happy!  
Thursday, October 30, 2003
  Time Lag and Synaptic Static ~ The combination of recent time-shifts due to day-light savings and a recent stint of night-duty (thankfully completed) where my circadian rhythm has been flipped 180˚ has led to my feeling like I am under the influence of some mind altering substance...without the giggles, but most certainly just as potentially dangerous if I suddenly decided to hop in my car on a whim and go for a drive somewhere...which I am not going to do. I'm going to bed instead...People get jet-lagged and shift-lagged...I wonder if Dr. Who got T.A.R.D.I.S.* - lagged?
Oh and when the hell is the sun going to come out in Melbourne? It's coming up to November for farks sake! (Yes, I have retained the capacity to read a calendar)
*Time And Relative Dimensions In Space 
  New Links ~ If it wasn't for blogging, I would not have been led to re-evaluate my site layout and design. I'm talking css here. For the last few years I was content to use my self-taught HTML to get by, but with what I have seen in the last few months, I have come to realize that visual representation of information (which remember, is not necessarily knowledge) and graphic content on the web CAN be smoother, faster, better looking and contain less calories, as well as doubling as a handy kitchen accessory that dices, slices, minces and...Oh, but where was I?
I was looking at Biroco last night as I often do, and was admiring the new gallery there of some drawings that the author created whilst rising above a depressive state (see the relevant thread here) After perusing the gallery and reading his recent entries, I got curious about the web resource links he had on his site, so jumped to a few. So useful did I find these links that I decided to create a new blogroll section and linked a few of them there ~ not so much "reinvent the wheel" but to attempt to spread the good word on design and style. I particularly liked the css zen garden for it's fascinating real world example of how form separated from content can work in aesthetic and surprising ways. I may have a try at designing a style for that one myself! Any way, regarding the css/web design links, I shall endevour to update and add to them in the future as I discover more of the "good dope" Who knows, maybe one day i may even learn from these resources...Thanks again to Stephen ...um err Joel, uh...the guy who maintains Biroco...whoever you are, you're a good bloke!  
Wednesday, October 29, 2003
  Keys to a happy life?
via metamorphosism. I was reading one of the posts at metamorphosism last night, from work (night duty in E.D. occasionally gives one time to blog-browse) and came across this thread:
The key to a happy life
People often ask me why I'm so happy all the time, so I'll tell you. The key to a happy life is negative thinking. If you are able to expect worse than the worst, then anything is a positive surprise. It works like this:
  • Taking a shower: Expect boiling acid to squirt out of the showerhead when you turn it on. That way, when you turn the whatever it's called and freezing water comes out, or scalding water, or rusty water or just a trickle, or a gecko you're all, Yay! No boiling acid! read more...

    I made comment - "I have been nursing for over 22 years. I have become very familiar with death. I have "laid out" more dead bodies than I can remember, not to mention holding the hands of those who died while they were busy doing it. I know with certainty that our time on this earth can STOP, suddenly, for a multitude of reasons, whatever age we are. This is my secret to being happy. For if today was the last day of my life, how would I like to spend it? In a bad mood, gazing at the world through a jaded perspective, whining and whinging and spouting negativism? No...I don't think so. Life is too short to be shitty. Of course that works well in theory, but what about in practice? Ha! Well, most of the time it works for me...."

    I'm wondering...what are the keys of happiness for other peoples lives? It often depends on what your circumstances are, of course. Expectations change depending on what level of basic needs any individual has fulfilled...Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs states that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that certain lower needs need to be satisfied before higher needs can be satisfied. Most of us probably have our base needs well and truly met, which is why I, for example "think" I need a faster processor for my computer or a broad-band internet connection...hang on, wait a minute I really DO NEED that one! But seriously...
    Pat has written: "Sounds corney but to have a purpose I guess."
    Thanks for your input Pat - I'm not sure if it's that corney, just succinct and to the point! I think I understood what you mean (I hope?) To have a meaningful purpose is a definite part of meeting spiritual needs and for giving one a direction in life I believe. Without a meaningful purpose for existence I suppose one would feel lost and certainly not achieve happiness.
  • Tuesday, October 28, 2003
    ...to sleep, 'twould be nice to rest my head, but sadly I am far from bed, and far from wife...I am here, and she is there, probably in her underwear, a random lewd thought, but quite alright, it's all I have to entertain tonight. Its 3 am and bloody late or is that early? I just can't wait, to go back home and get some rest, with a good book fallen open on my chest...

    What do you know? Apparently I am pi (π)...I was checking out Gary's blog at tfs reluctant and one of his latest posts intrigued me in it's ability to absorb a few minutes of this interminably long night. So I followed the link to "What Irrational Number Are You?" and found that I am this:

    What Irrational Number Are You?
    You are π

    Of all the irrational numbers, you are the most famous. You have many friends and fans. Like many people, non-Euclidean geometry makes you feel uncomfortable. You are involved in so many things that it seems like it would take two of you to make ends meet.

    You are particularly close to the rational number 22/7. However, you and e have been called "remarkable."

    Your lucky number is approximately 3.14159265

    Shiny Lemur
    Straif's Blog

    I always knew they were right when they said "You are what you eat
    Monday, October 27, 2003
      Denizens of the Deep (More Aquarium Movies)
  • More Bloody Jellyfish! ?
  • Shark!
    These ones are large file sizes, so much apologies if you are on dial-up, like I am, but I thought they were worth sharing if you like denizens of the deep 
  • Sunday, October 26, 2003
      Aquarium Jelly
    The other night, my old place of employment (a neurosurgical ward in a private hospital) had their annual dinner-dance thingy at The Melbourne Aquarium Mrs. PC and I have gone along to the old ward functions the last couple of years to catch up with (and have fun) with our old friends, who were a great team to work with. Anyway having a function at the Aquarium is a great idea, as you can wander around and see all the wonderful fish. I took a couple of video grabs of the wonderfully alien jellyfish with my digital along with a lot of other stuff. You can see the Jellies here: Jelly 1 and here: Jelly 2 ~ Bryn, if you are reading this, Hi! I hope you and those you love are going well.  
    Friday, October 24, 2003
      Hmmmm... things that irritate. When you go to a site, in my case a web-ring site I visited recently and tried to join...only to be taken to a log-in page that apparently requires a username and password (which I don't have, because I haven't joined yet...follow me?) Of course I am willing to concede that this could be an oversight of mine...perhaps I missed a BIG FLASHING box that says:
    Register here before clicking on any of the other links!
    I could very well have overlooked that, and am prepared to feel foolish when I am proved to be unobservant. But these things are IRRITATING. On an otherwise well designed site, why does this happen? I know I'm having a bit of a whinge, sorry, must have sleep-debt.
    Post Script: Ok, the person that runs the web-ring got back to me and explained that a few things were broken on the web-ring at the moment and he hadn't had time to fix them because of studying for his degree at Uni. Now that I understand, having done (and still having to do) the study thing myself...and the thing is the fact that he got back to me at all regarding the feedback means a lot. I left some feedback at a "paying" blog service (I won't say which one) about a "feature" that seems to be broken, and I still haven't heard back from them yet...ho-hum. Everyone's busy... 
    Wednesday, October 22, 2003
      Flash Bulb?
    ...Like a flash bulb in the darkness. Momentary illumination then nothing, until the rising pitch screaming I'm getting ready, yes I'm getting ready, look out! I getting ready to flash you with my brilliance again. But the picture doesn't always turn out right, does it? The light sometimes catches what we don't want to see and the flash sometimes blinds us, leaving after images so strong that we stumble about for a while, as we go along... 
      Morning....(Good - I hope) Good morning. At least I hope it's a good day wherever you may be at the moment. I'm at work (still) with one patient in the monitored area (the room with all the machines that go beep) She is waiting for her husband to come to ED and take her home. She's CURED mate! At least for the moment. I am leaving her IV access in until she is almost out the door, however, as I have learnt from past experience that you just never know when you may need it...a few times a patient has collapsed and stayed for another few hours just when you thought they were going home...life's like that. I've had a few visitors at my place like that in the past as well...just when you think (or hope) they're about to go home, they collapse back onto the sofa and ask for another cuppa...*chuckle* 
    Tuesday, October 21, 2003
      Rage Boy in Need... Via Mandarin Design goes out a call for help for Chris, I must admit, I don't know the guy and have only visited his weblog occasionally, but it seems he's in trouble, so I would hope if I was ever in that particular boat, people would perhaps do the same for me. Anyway check it out and see.
    Euan Semple set up a PayPal fund if you want to send cash to Chris Locke. Give whatever you can (if you can) and spread the love.
    Monday, October 20, 2003
      New Bird Call: The Grey Shrike-thrush
    The other day when at my out-laws, I heard quite a charming bird-call, which I had heard before, but not taken the time to properly appreciate. I asked my wife what bird made that call, and she replied "The Grey Shrike" I had my trusty mini-disc recorder with me, so was lucky enough to get a couple of sound-bytes. Later I looked up some information regarding this bird and included it on the site ~ if interested you can see (and hear) it here: Grey Shrike-thrush 
    Sunday, October 19, 2003
      Have a heart? In the spirit of Mandarin Design's offering sample code and stuff *nod in meg's direction* ~ I have played around with swf embedding if anyone is interested in how to do it. Also if anyone wishes to use my little ecg for any reason (I'm not sure what you would like to use it for, maybe a decoration to your page)...feel free to link to it using this code:

    - It should look like this:

    You don't need to center it of course, you can align or float it left or right or whatever depending on your taste...Also in the spirit of Mandarin Design's "style wars" I have tried putting a box around the swf, but not very properly done I am afraid...you'll see why...I started by saying:
    You may wish to wrap it in a nice box or two using span styles...Mandarin Design has heaps of examples and sample code to get you started in this department...here I will pop a couple of borders around the ecg:

    - hopefully will look like this:

    ~ except for some reason my box seems to be missing its left edges...hmmm? What am I doing wrong? (not enough coffee?) Guess I'll have to work some more on these box-things, but I have to go to work soon...Ummm....oh bother! Just goes to show that I should leave example codes to the experts, but at least the first example for embedding swf's works...instead of my url for the ecg.swf you can pop in the addy of any swf you may have on your server, change the appropriate width and height parameters, and there you go! 
    Saturday, October 18, 2003
      The Horrific Power of Beauty
    That quote from one of the Renderosity regulars, Azha, in the 2D forum has a certain resonance hasn't it? It this particular case he was discussing the practice of foot-binding. Why does it seem to be women that are often the victims of fashion and fads? Female circumcision, Corsets, Dieting, Cosmetic surgery...I have a feeling it is less about fashion or aesthetics, rather more about power imbalance...mmmm. Food for thought, perhaps...
    Speaking of Rendo, THANKS Cynthia and Pat for popping by, giving feedback and signing my guestbook, much appreciated. :-)>
    Later that afternoon: Well! Busy day at work! It's the weekend...always people hurting themselves or getting crook on the weekend - especially when the sun is out! However, the other day (not the weekend) I thought it was the weekend as I triaged a squillion fractures (or # as we enter them on the computer) Yep, I think I irradiated 50% of the local populace by sending them for NIX (Nurse Initiated X-Rays).
    P.S. Do you like the little E.C.G. trace that I made in flash and popped into the post below for a bit of dramatic effect? It's only 1 kb in size! Go on, turn up your volume & pop your mouse pointer over it...Oh I know, small things amuse...but I do like flash, it's got so much "play potential"
    Thursday, October 16, 2003
      Stress Testing
    ~ A Thallium Stress Test is performed to determine if you have had any instances of interrupted blood supply, or ischemia to your cardiac muscle. They pop you on a cardiac monitor, one of those devices that give you a continual readout of squiggly lines (that hopefully doesn't "flatline" while you're on it, although in my past experience this usually occurs due to a lead falling off) Then they start the treadmill and gradually increase the rate and incline so eventually you end up going uphill at a fair pace, all the while the peaks and troughs on your electro cardiograph (E.C.G. or E.K.G in some places) get closer and closer together, indicating your heart rate is increasing. At a heart rate of about 178 bpm or so, they inject you with RADIOACTIVE material (thallium) that targets your heart muscle cells, going into these cells via the cell membrane's Potassium Ion pump during the active exercise phase. All this they did to me...shortly after you get to lie in a couple of uncomfortable positions for about 30 minutes while a machine takes pictures of your chest and where all the radioactive targeting material decided to accumulate. It was very strange to experience this first hand, but the Doctor thought I should to rule out (or *gulp* in) any cardiac problems, as I had experienced a bit of left neck and jaw pain, accompanied by an aching left arm the other week. These kind of symptoms can indicate a "heart attack" is happening (that was why I was flat on my back at work for a few hours a while back, they popped me in a bed on the monitor and took some blood tests & ECG's etc. just to be on the safe side) Thankfully everything has come back NORMAL. So obviously it was just a pulled muscle or something causing those symptoms. It's nice to know your heart is ok, even though your brain obviously isn't! I almost forgot to say, the best thing about all this being over is...I can drink COFFEE again! ;-)> 
    Wednesday, October 15, 2003
      Wednesday: Cloudy, Sunshine, Wind, Cloud Again, Rain, Thunder, Hail, More Rain,..Then it got dark...
    That ends today's sky watch report. That's often what Melbourne is like in spring-time. Rieke left a message on my guestbook, thank you very much Rieke. She is a neighbor of mine you know...well sort of..one country across to the west! We are all neighbors really if you look at how small this planet is compared to the rest of the cosmos...mmmmm. I am currently having cravings for coffee. I didn't realise I was so addicted to it, but I have this stupid thallium stress-test in the morning, and you can't imbibe coffee, tea or chocolate 24 hours prior or you might explode on the treadmill or something...
    That's right! No CHOCOLATE either! Ah The deprivation! Then I spare a thought for those that count themselves lucky to have a bowl of rice for a meal...and feel quite lucky. But Geeez, I could still do with a coffee! BTW ~ has anyone else been having trouble viewing blogspot pages today? I tried to jump to plato-shrimp from meg's blog and got timed out, and trying to connect to this page to reply to comments (if there were any new) I got timed out as well...things are still slow (well they're always a bit slow on the modem) ummm, slower than usual connecting anywhere at the mo, so maybe it's my ISP.
    Cause for celebration today: The youngest used the potty appropriately for the FIRST TIME! (sorry, I just had to share) 
    Tuesday, October 14, 2003
    Well, I have had such a pleasant couple of days, mowing the lawn in the sun yesterday, relaxing with my family (sort of), unfortunately the children have been a bit sick with a highly contagious foot, hand & mouth thingy - yes that's the technical term! It was no surprise to me then, when the computer decided to have a tantrum and freeze my OS every five minutes. I'm not sure what latest piece of software I have installed had thrown the spanner in the works...I suspect it may be the REAL player I downloaded so I could view some Dr. Who clips from the BBC. It seemed to all go tits up soon after I installed it anyway...could be a coincidence...Why can't sites like the BBC offer formats that will play on more than one player? - hey, here's a thought, even offer their clips in swf format?...I mean, according to Macr*media (yeah, I know they have a vested interest) 97% of all computers have a flash player on board...with real player...who knows? Another thing, why does every bloody media player that you install on your system want to take over control of all the bloody media formats? Leave them the fuck alone I say! *chuckle* OH well...after about 3 hours of fruitless trying to tinker the OS back into shape, I bit the bullet and restored my C: drive to an earlier (like one month ago) version...I won't be installing REAL player on the system, just in case...other than that it has been a GRAND day with the children whilst the better-looking one was doing the work thing...and I picked up my copy of The Matrix Reloaded so I shall be watching that tonight! Kewwwl.... 
    Sunday, October 12, 2003
      Meeting with Möe
    Also today I had the pleasant experience of meeting with a fellow moderator from Renderosity - a young chap named Möebius (well that's his online name, like mine is "PunkClown") he is visiting in Melbourne for a few days (from the Philippines) so we managed to catch up and meet in TRW...we managed to fit it a window inbetween him doing touristy things like Bus Tours down the west coast of Victoria to see the sea, and Penguin Tours and stuff... He is a really interesting chap to talk with, and I found we had a lot in common, like our "Heavy Metal" magazine collection and love of fine art...Here we are in front of "The Clocks" at Flinder's Street Railway Station, a traditional meeting place in Melbourne to link up with people....the sun came out, we had a chat, a cappuchino & a wander around the Ian Potter Museum of Australian Art and it was good and it was fun! Oh, Mumbo's just rocked up the driveway to visit and look after the children for the evening whilst the good-looking-one and I eat out...(Yay Grandma!) so I probably should go! Cheers! 
      Oh, did I mention...
    Baloney Dude? I have been so shift-lagged that I think I left him out of my thank you list down below, and I really don't want to forget a fellow Zappa fan! Actually, if I have forgotten anyone who has been kind enough to visit the site and leave feedback, my apologies, please let me know if you want to get a mention! (You know it's something you can put in your resume "Also mentioned @ PunkClown's Blog" ...lol) Anyhows, back to Baloney Dude: I was answering his comment (in the previous post) about seasons being reversed depending on what hemisphere you are in - and remembered the probably useless but interesting thing that Northern Hemispherians' see the MOON differently to we in the Southern hemisphere too...it's "upside down" apparently, although I haven't viewed this phenomenon myself, being a bit like Baloney Dude and not going anywhere much. Mrs. PC first noted this moon-thing when she lived in England for a couple of years, prior to meeting me (ah, those were her carefree days!) At left is a photograph of the 3/4 phase moon snapped through my 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain using my old 1.3 megapixel digital...(now defunct) There you go...as Ryan would say...word, but I'm going to say paragraph! I Hope everyone is well! 
    Saturday, October 11, 2003
      PunkClown Daze
    So much to do! So little time! So far to go! But what a GRAND journey! Thanks to Ryan ( no, not you Slynky this guy is called muscle68... I don't know where you've been lately, let me know if you're ok ok?)..where was I? Oh yeah...thanks Meli, Cassie, Carol, Jeff, Varian, Bev, Maia and Akito (again heheh) et al. for dropping in - I really appreciate it. A very warm and heartfelt thankyou to Michelle also for her kind email and patience with the newbie...you were right! Special thanks to Clive (The Zen Clown) for leaving a message on my guestbook...and thanks also to Joel of Biroco.com for the kind words and link on his site. I'm glad you like the birds Joel! Thanks to everyone really. I am feeling very warm & fuzzy even though it is freezing. (Sure, it may have something to do with being on a day off now too..*heh heh*)
    Friday, October 10, 2003
      PunkClown WorkDaze
    At work. Triage again. I feel like I have been here for ever. Soft tissue injuries, sprains strains and the like this morning. The occasional laceration. One guy sliced the end of his thumb off...ouch. One ambulance through so far...there will be more, no doubt about it. Why do feel I am always at work lately? Shift work does that sometimes...3 days on 1 off, 4 on 1 off...and so weiter...for a couple of weeks...oop the phone is ringing...someone not happy with their doctor ~ advice: seek a second opinion! Now a little boy has come through, very vague and "flat" - apparently he collapsed in school assembly...probability high that the lad has had an epileptic seizure methinks and is post-ictal, but that is not for me to say...I'll let the doctors do the diagnosing. :-)>
    It must almost be time for me to have a morning tea-break.... 
    Wednesday, October 08, 2003
      Good afternoon! Hello all. I am hoping that some of my friends from the Renderosity 2D Forum pop in to review the new layout of the site, blog and other stuff. HELLO 2d PEOPLE! *Waves madly* About every year or so I spring clean the web site I started 3 years ago (to teach myself HTML and the like) ~ so this is the 3rd revision. I am using css style sheets to define a lot of the content for the first time. Today, I have been checking 39 or so posts in the 2D forum at Renderosity, responding and updating a few things there (the members are doing some awesome stuff with our current theme which is " The Sleep of Reason"), boy are they prolific! Also, I have managed to get around to putting in some Australian Bird Calls on the "Other" page, these seemed to be a popular feature with visitors unfamiliar with some of the Australian flora and fauna, so I thought I should retain that ~ if you have never heard a Kookaburra's laugh, or a Bellbird chiming, then that would be where to do it...I have also popped another page of Photography in, I hope the carousel code doesn't make people too vertiginous. I hope everyone is healthy and happy!
    addit: Thanks for visiting Maia, I appreciate the feedback on the carousel thingy! *BIG GRIN*  
    Tuesday, October 07, 2003
      Morning Sleepy Head
    Hello all. The enetation board keeps dropping out on me, so this morning I have only managed to say hello to Bryn from Cape Breton Island who left a message below...Hi Bryn, thanks for popping in. I will catch up with the other visitors after work tonight. I had an interesting evening at work yesterday, working in Triage for some of the afternoon, flat on my back for the other part ~ that's a story for later (actually a local witch who was disgruntled by our service turned me into a newt ...but I got better!) I hope everyone is having a good week so far, we think we may have wood borers in the floorboard after a stiletto heeled visitor of ours (Hi Cara) made a little dent in the floor that on closer inspection (and prodding) turned into a sawdusty hole...oh well. better look into that one (ummm...no pun intended)...take care all! 
    Monday, October 06, 2003
      Very Very Very Late
    Well, I really will be going to bed now. I have just spent the good part of the evening and early hours updating my old website Planet PunkClown at least that's what I used to call it, until I went all pretentious for a while and named it "The Art of Cameron Stephen" Phhhrrrrrtttt! I hope not to get so pretentious ever again... It had been about 1 year since I updated it's look and feel. It has some of my Photographs, Graphic Art, Some Flash Experiments and the like...work still in progress. I will be popping the old "Australian Birdcalls" pages back in soon, they seemed to be popular with many of my visitors...Feedback on the new look most appreciated if you have time...and thanks to those from Meg's Blog who have taken the time to wander over here...now I will say a fond goodnight to those I'm fond of... :-)> 
    Saturday, October 04, 2003
      Changed the Latest Thang... ...the other one was far too irritating. This I have called "The Needs Of The Colony"
    Transmogrify today! 
      Thanks Gary! I have just come home from work and noticed that Gary from TFS Reluctant has left a couple of comments on the blog...thank you Gary, for taking the time to comment, and for reminding me to listen to my old Frank Zappa LP's again! I am a bit embarrassed because, in my caffeine depleted state this morning, I had left a plea at Meg's blog for people to visit and leave comments here...I guess I was feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself at seeing all the little "comments(0)" underneath most of my posts...of course I shouldn't expect feedback if my blog hasn't got anything of substance to feed back on...also there's the little thing of how are people going to even know about this particular node in the time-space-web continuum? I also feel as if I have not had anything intelligent (or particularly witty) to say lately...when I do some random blog-surfing I see so much intelligent and informative discourse on many subjects and think...now why can't I write stuff like that? LOL...then I wonder....why have I become so interested in this blogging thing, and why should I worry if anyone reads this particular blog or not anyway? Is it pointless to have a blog that no-one, or very few people read? If a tree falls in the forest etc...? Am I just a pathetic egotist, shouting "Me me me" into the void?
    Addit: Later that night... um, yes I probably am...(an egotist, hopefully not too pathetic) *heheh* Oh...and thanks to you too akito! 
    Friday, October 03, 2003
      Ohh...and a little PUNK poetry:

    I Did Not Know Her
    The kettle would have whistled
    But it had lost it's little blower
    She said her name was Mary
    But I really did not know her
    I had a four-way stereo
    I said I'd like to show her
    She said her name was Mary
    But I really did not know her

    Oh, I know it's a bit bad & mad, but I found it (along with that early cartoon of PunkClown in the previous post) when I was going through some of my old drawings so I thought I'd pop it here for everyone (all two of you) to shake their heads at... 
      Sunshine, where are you?
    ...Ok, I know I rave on about the weather far too much, but I want to see SUNSHINE and Blue Skies please! I am down here in the cold dungeon typing this and my fingers are turning blue...forgot the gloves again! Boy am I looking forward to summer...I think I suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Does talking about the weather mean I have nothing interesting to say? Probably!  
    Thursday, October 02, 2003
    I would just like to thank Meg from Mandarin Design for her excellent tips for use of inline DIV styles to get the nice boxes I have placed around some of my posts lately, to give this blog a bit of visual variation & interest, so that at least when the posts are boring, it's ok to look at!...but that's not all, there are a heap of tips, tricks, techniques and other great stuff for all at her site, check it out! (I've also jumped to some other very interesting sites from her blog as well)...Thanks Meg!
      ACK! Currently my homepage server (not blogspot, just my local ISP) is down, consequently, no .css linkage, no image linkages, which is why this page may appear a bit ugly and not very well designed at the moment...ho-hum. If you are visiting whilst this is happening, please come back soon, I promise it can look a lot better than this (all those boxes with red x's are actually pictures) Sorry about that folks! ~ another good reason to upgrade to a BlogSpot*Plus account...
    Oops that was quick! They just fixed it... 
    Wednesday, October 01, 2003
      Pony in the front yard... I just finished typing the last entry when I hear a whinnying and clip clop of horse shoes on concrete. Mrs PC comes down and says: "there's a horse outside!" Ah...it's Misty, our next door neighbor's pony, and she has somehow gotten out...Samuel, the donkey (and her best friend) is heee-hawing to her to tell her to get back to where she belongs. With the aid of a carrot and an apple I catch her and lead her back to her pal...all's well that ends well. 
      It's raining again... Oh well not to worry, I went to the library with the family and borrowed a book on "Pinball Effect" - which I think is about how everything is linked to and influences everything else etc etc...which is similar to a quantum physics theory that I can't quite remember at the moment, and a Taschen book on Rene Magritte, one of my favourite artists. Then I have spent time in front of the computer, as it is too cold to go outside (this is my excuse anyway) I've been blog surfing, a bit of graphics stuff, and not doing any Dalek stuff in flash for the wee'uns...Oops, better look into that. Eventually I am sure we will have an extended period of clement weather so I can finish that Cubby-House too! 

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    PunkClown/Male/101-105. Lives in Australia/Victoria/Melbourne, speaks English. Eye color is blue. 
I am freakish. I am also insecure. My interests are quantuum physics and warp engine drive maintenance/cross-stitch as applied to neurosurgery.
    This is my blogchalk:
    Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, English, PunkClown, Male, 101-105, quantuum physics and warp engine drive maintenance, cross-stitch as applied to neurosurgery.

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