Friday, December 31, 2004

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

If anyone appreciates fine art photography FILE magazine and photographer Marshall Sokoloff are donating the proceedings of the sale of prints to the American Red Cross Appeal for the Tsunami Appeal.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


The events of Sunday and what is unfolding afterwards in Asia have left me nearly speechless. Here are some links for those that can help in some way for aid in the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
CARE Australia appeal
Red Cross
Save the Children
Community Aid Abroad
Remember that all donations are tax deductible.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Reflection for the end of the year

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, happy and loving New Year! Live long and prosper.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

where we are...
Merry Christmas everyone, have a happy, safe and loving time if you can. I am too tired to say anymore. Stay well and I will try and post something before New Year. Thanks to all who wished my daughter well with her broken clavicle, it was much appreciated, she is doing very well now.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Early mornings again...note to self

Isn't it funny how (when you are on holidays) you can soooo easily forget how shift-work can make you feel like a burnt out wreck at a certain time in the morning (inbetween the alarm waking you and you having your first or perhaps second caffeine hit) Oh I do sometimes wonder why I didn't choose a life of 9 to 5, especially when I work a late-early shift combination! Thanks to meg and Gary for popping in and saying hello. The youngest is healing slowly but being a naturally exuberant and slightly clumsy individual (like her dad) she keeps bashing into things and tripping over thus jarring her injury and causing herself pain. The poor wee one, I hope she is feeling a bit better by Christmas Day at least. We might have to hide that scooter that Santa is bringing her from her until New Year...nah, couldn't do that....
Oh well the 4th shift of seven bekons in our brand new ED. It really is like working in a spaceship, very nice, very speccy - if only I could FIND anything!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Broken Wing

Our littlest one fell out of bed the other night with a rather louder thump than usual, she was quite for a few seconds and then stated that she had "hurt herself" - the poor poppet, normally very stoic in the face of injury, was pale and shaken. We checked her over to ensure there was no major or obvious problems/deformities etc. and she fell asleep in our bed after being given some paracetamol (15mg per kg for children) The next day she was naturally guarding and splinting it against her body, so we suspected a fractured clavicle - said suspicion was proven on X-Ray the next day. There is not much that can be done for non-displaced fractures of the collarbone except sling them for comfort and analgesia. I hate to see any of my children hurt and I do empathise with parents when they come in with their sick and/or injured kids. It's a horrible feeling. The good thing is, children are very resilient and heal quickly.
Not so resilient was the young woman in our department a few mornings ago who made a bad decision fuelled by alcohol and heightened emotions (actually, you can pretty well guarantee that any decision fuelled by these two factors will be a bad one) She decided to jump out of a moving vehicle going between 40 to 60 kilometers an hour because she was having an argument with her boyfriend. Ouch. In actual fact she was extremely lucky. If a tree had been in the projected vector of her travel as she disembarked at speed, she may well have been dead, instead of suffering from extreme gravel rash to a good percentage of her body. To add insult to her injuries, she was also badly hung over and was vomiting copiously most of the morning Amazingly she sustained no other injuries. She really was a very nice girl and felt very foolish about what she had done. It's a shame what alcohol can do to you...hopefully she will never try THAT again...
Big thanks to Gary who pointed me in the direction of some very good pointers for optimizing firefox at this link on his site TFS reluctant. He also brought Comet C2004 Q2 (Machholz) to my attention, which is one this intermittent amateur astronomer will be seeking out over the next few nights if the skies stay clear! Thanks Gary!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Woolly Headed

I'm not sure what is going on...last night I did a "double shift" in E.D. as they were short one R.N. and couldn't replace them, so I was at work from 13:00 HRS to 07:15 HRS this morning...needless to say I'm a bit more woolly-headed than normal. To add to my confusion I don't seem to be able to access the photoblog (notReality) The firefox browser, normally as speedy as anything is taking forever to open it...denial of sevice attack? Some bot spidering the site? - that shouldn't take more than a couple of milliseconds, so I don't think that could be the cause of the slowdown...
Oh well. Not much I can do. I will have to wait until things are back to normal (whatever that is) before I can upoad any new photos. Work has been remarkable in its unremarkable nature since I have been back ~ nothing interesting or exciting to report at all!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Enough of the angst...

Well, I was certainly a bit upset last night, eh? I don't know - sometimes family and emotions and history can get a bit strange. I still love my eldest brother, but have no idea at all about how he feels about me but that is not really the point is it. He lives his life, I live mine...and we are who we are and are defined by what we do and not what we say blah, blah and all that pseudo philosophical psychobabble. Whoopie-doo.
Back to the salt-mines tomorrow. I have had a very nice holiday, thank you very much but my wife will be glad to have a break from me no doubt, having tolerated my presence for a good 4 weeks, poor girl. So you can expect a return to the chronicles of fun-filled, exciting, (yawn) day to day dramas of my local emergency department very soon... Christmas time and the holiday season means substance abuse, depression and not a very happy time for some members of the community, so we should spare a thought (and perhaps an E.D. trolley) for them. It also heralds lots of strange behaviour from seemingly "normal" people, whatever normal means. It's not called the silly season for nothing. Ho bloody Ho.

My brother Ian...

has lost the plot I think. He used to have a mildly entertaining website, but he's gone and trashed it on a whim. Just like he did with his relationship with half of his family. Like Dad married my Mother after his first wife died and had my sister and I (not in that order) just to upset his private fucking universe. Like our father died from cancer at 62 and it only affected him...oh, I don't know what he thinks really.
That's right folks - I'm getting a bit of angst off my chest brother...At least Roger and David are relatively normal and I know I love and respect them for who they are. I don't know how I feel about Ian anymore....arggghhh! His cynical bullshit negativity is rubbing off on me...all the way from America! stop...
This is some of the sad stuff he has left on his site...come to think of it, it's not that much different from any of the other stuff he used to crap on about there...

I used to take this seriously, but now it just bores me. Personal websites are a pain in the neck mostly. I paid for the domain name, so I might as well use it. As for anyone being interested in anything I do, I don't care. I'm gonna put out a new CD next month so you can get that if you want it. Most people will probably hate it, but I don't care. I don't have to please anyone.I like it, that's all that matters. People are stupid. The music business is full of left wing sympathisers who don't understand what is going on in the world. NOT THAT I EVEN CARE ANYWAY. I'm just sick of these idiots harping on all the time about how bad George Bush and America is, I can't fucking stand it. People who I used to call my friends, family, they're all afflicted with the same zombie-like ideas. It's horrible. The worst thing is that you can't reason with these people. They know that they are right and that's that. Ok, well maybe I'll look for other people who agree with me, so that I can have an intelligent conversation without it all being a conspiracy or a big joke.

There must be people out there who are on the same wavelength. I know there are at least a couple. Maybe we can start a new music business comprised of people who aren't brain dead, Neo Hippie, punk fools.


What I want to know is - when did my eldest brother, the cool musician, the hip, intelligent one, the one who I really used to admire and want to be able to play the piano like...when did he stop being someone who listened to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the rest, when did he transmogrify from the person who wrote such incredible pieces of surrealistic pop like "I want to be a Dining Room" - when did that person I thought I knew become such a red-neck, right-wing arsehole?

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Once again the nice folks at FILE Magazine have been good enough to include another one of my photographs "Distortion" in their collection.
In other breaking news, Jordan asked in a comment on Quarter past one am, if I could share my experiences with making my own RSS problems buddy! I have just done that here: Roll Your Own RSS Feed (for photoblogs) ~ read 'em and weep!
That's all for now, social engagements of the silly season beckon my time...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I don't live in New York but...

This article regarding proposed bans on photography in the New York subway system in the Gothamist a website about New York City and everything that happens in it, got me thinking.
If these kind of infringements on photographers rights can occur there, then why not here?
I felt, as a concerned member of the world photographic community that I should do something, so I gave my feedback to the Metropolitan Transport Authority of New York:

Subject: Proposed changes to Rules of Conduct - an 'outsider's view.
I do not live in New York, I am actually an Australian citizen. I am asking you to please consider my concerns just as seriously as if I were an American citizen living in New York however.
I am a dedicated amateur photographer and am wondering exactly why you would want to curtail the rights of hobbyists to photograph innocuous subject matter whit no real rationale that I can see besides paranoia, and misplaced reactionary restrictions based on paranoia at that. I understand sensitivity to perceived threats but I just don't see what banning 'amateur' photography in any public space is achieving, anyone who really wants to photograph these areas will do so without being obvious about it, the only people who suffer are enthusiasts.
How many photographs, plans and the like of the New York's Transportation system already exist in the public domain? Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted helps no one.
I have already read many disturbing reports about rude and aggressive behavior by New York Police and Transit Authority against individuals in regards to this matter. Words like 'Gestapo like behavior' have been used, more than once.This is surely a concern to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, or if not should be.
How do you think all this would affect my and many other potential tourists travel plans in the United States of America? My family and I would certainly have second thoughts about visiting New York, and third thoughts about using the metropolitan transport system there.I would also be expressing my concerns to all I know and those I don't through whatever mode of communication available if your proposed changes were to go through.
Please consider the real harm being done with these proposed changes. Creeping infringement of civil liberties is a grave danger in these troubled times. Public perceptions of freedom, civil liberties and the treatment of ordinary citizens may have some effect on the tourist dollar also. Perhaps this may be of some concern to the people of New York as well, especially those who profit from tourism.
You may think my concerns are trivial or unfounded, but I put this question to you ~
If I, in Australia have heard about this matter and have been concerned by it, how many others have?

After about 3 more pages of clicks, my email was finally sent...
The reference number for your e-mail is \'041130-000247\'.
Thank you for your inquiry. You will receive a response as soon as possible; however, some responses can take up to 15 business days.

Hopefully the transit authorities will know where Australia is....