Monday, July 19, 2004


Well, I managed to fit in another post ~ inbetween dealing with personal injuries sustained (because I refuse to acnowledge my true age and pretend I'm still as flexible and fit as I used to be), going to work and being a husband/father person and...well, life and stuff I suppose (and lets face it, compared to the unknown factor of the alternative, life is pretty good!)
If anyone has a photoblog that they update regularly and wants it listed they should (if they haven't already) check out ~ It's a great service for photoblogs and you can find lots of very good photography through its links. Which leads me to my latest pet project, the photoblogring ~ I have set this up to provide a working webring to facilitate visitors randomly surfing through the variety of phtoblogs that are out there. So if you have a photoblog, feel free to join in....
Ok, off to work for me now!

Monday, July 05, 2004


Well, after work yesterday I met my family and some friends at the local footy oval, where inbetween the quarters I had a kick to kick with Jezza (one of my our friends boyfriend) On the first kick Jezza sent to me, I misjudged the catch and got the full force of the ball coming down from a high arc onto my tensed extended forearm, causing a hyperextension of my arm at the elbow joint which basically gave me a bad sprain. Last night my arm was pretty useless and the discomfort is considerable, so I had to visit work as (a patient) today to get it reviewed. I should remember that I'm not a spring chicken anymore, and should warm up a bit at least before considering doing any kind of moderately physical sport. I'll get over it.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Slacking Off!

Jana has seen what I have done (or not done as the case really may be, truth be told). Shit, I'd make a really BAD politician, this habit of truth-telling. Any way it's all Jana's fault (what is to follow) ~ I am slacking off at work ~ having first, I should state, attended to my duties of drug-dispensing, sphygmamometering, pathology result retrievaling and various sundry other activities. Having been told by my friend, the aforementioned Jana that she has noted a lack of input to this blog, I thought I would enter something now....


There, I've gotten that off my chest! I feel much happier now. I'm on 7 days straight at the moment, currently on my 4th shift which is the 2nd of 5 0700hr starts in a row. I am definitely feeling (if not getting) too old for this shift work shit at the moment.
The good news is that the children seem to be giving us a reprieve from their "sleep-deprivation for parents" experiments. That is good. The bad news is, I don't know how long that will last. I suspect we are being lured into a false sense of security as part of a new devious direction in their experiments.
Good heavens! I have just looked at Mike's uvula (that dangly bit in the throat that is often depicted vibrating in cartoons whenever a character has their mouth wide open screaming or yodelling) Some people mistakenly think of this structure as the tonsills, well it's not, it's the UVULA, and Mike has a really big one. I wouldn't have known, but Jana suggested I check it out. Seriously I'm impressed. Happy Birthday for last week too Mike, Happy birthday to you and your majestic uvula. Anyway, I think I have raved on enough at the moment. I should really see if there is any work to be done now...catch you all later. BTW Happy Independence day holiday for all my firends in the ol' U.S. of A!
Now I should think about what photographs I can take later in the day to post in the old photoblog that has also been neglected recently...

Monday, June 21, 2004


Splash! 18 06 04Uhhhh...Cough...ACK...sorry, ummm cough cough COUGH, AhhhhCHOOOO, cough....this is a picture of my nose dripping...sorry that's probably a bit gross isn't it. (and not really true either is it?) Ummmm. Too stuffed upand muzzy headed to say anything much more. Oh yeah, thanks Amy, I will stop taking photographs and go to bed and yes, I am a very bad patient! (Poor Janey)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

VERY silly stuff...(W.I.P.)

Mad Diary Drawings...
The madness of the web allows me to drag up all sorts of crazy detritus from my past and expose it to innocent victims who may accidently enter the wrong url. It seems I can't help myself. ~ I have had these old diaries from my teen years in my possesion, carting them from residence to residence in boxes for a long time now...finally scanning them and arranging them in some sort of navigable structure has occupied a few hours of this evening, because I am quite simply, probably a bit bonkers...I think I will continue to gather these pages together in electron land, just for a wheeze...if interested, you can be exposed to the beginning construction of this not-so-great work here To actually access the diary entries/drawings you have to navigate from the image map of one of my diary covers on the index page, you know when you are over a link when your pointer becomes a hand...I have done this to be either 1. Mysteriously obscure or 2. A pain in the arse...or 3. All of the above...stay well, and thanks for checking in!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bum Bum Bummer

More sleep deprivation. Two wet beds (not mine) the night so cold you could snap the air with a cough....then at 0500hrs I hear a ruckus in the chicken shed...a fox had claimed 3 of our 4 chickens before I could pull on some boots and stagger up in my half-asleep state. I'm really not that fond of Winter, a lot of things seem to go a bit pear-shaped.
Many thanks to dj, who's brother is also an emergency nurse, Kat, bryn who's also an ER nurse's sibling (I can't remember if you told me that before or not bryn...) and of course meg for their visits and comments. I love you all!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Good Morning Emergency

Well, it's 07:28HRS on a Saturday Morning and the ED is reasonably sedate. Give it time, give it time...people are still tucked into their cosy beds on this Winter morning. It's once they get up and out and about that they start injuring themselves in the workshop or garden, or begin to get concerned about that niggling pain that has been bothering them for a while now...where else would you want to spend a Saturday? In the ED waiting room of course!
More exciting updates as they occur!!! (Yawn)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Where are they?

Has anyone tried this? (Yes, I know I'm probably the last person on the web to have found this one...)
Go to google (not the one on this page as it doesn't have the I'm Feeling Lucky button) ~ Once there type in Weapons of Mass Destruction and hit the
I'm Feeling Lucky button. Meg hadn't seen this one, so perhaps I'm not the last person on the web to be told about it.
It's a bit sobering however when you consider the number of lives lost based on questionable intelligence and questionable political motivation. Mandarin Design recently gave us an interesting example of the use of the marquee tag (one of the best uses of this tag I have seen so far) ~ Meg's Memorial Day scrolling list which, as Stephen Downes rightly points out, doesn't even encompass Iraqi deaths and all the other names that can't be included on it due to lack of data, only serves to remind us...

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Winter is upon us... least in the Southern Hemisphere, but no, I don't feel this means my happiness will be flushed away... As Amy suspected, my moods are affected by seasonal change, so perhaps I am a bit flat due to less sunshine, perhaps I'm just plain tired...maybe I'm hormonal! (Men can be affected by changing hormonal levels you know!) One of my colleagues (Hi Jana Banana!) at work had read my last post and said to me yesterday..."Are you feeling less hormonal today Cam?" - making me laugh, because on re-reading my last post, I did seem to be on a bit of a whinge-fest, but hey, I was just stating how I felt at the clarify my groan about having to go to work, I actually love my work, It's just the getting there that I sometimes have trouble with! Thanks Melissa and Jer for leaving a message in my Guest Book ~ I only just discovered those entries....I should really check it (and my emails) more often I suppose...also thanks to Pedro who also visited and left a guest book message. Pedro is another emergency nurse, who lives in the States, and whose workplace sounds far scarier than mine to work in (judging from some of the posts I have read in his blog). More soon...have to go to bed, as I am tired...Stay well and good everyone.