Monday, November 29, 2004

Quarter past one am...

so why aren't I in bed yet? I just finished watching the Japanese version of "Ring" (or The Ring) and I must admit I thought the remake with Naomi Watts was actually creepier and far more atmospheric...if you like that sort of thing. A few people told me the original version was way spookier, but I just can't see it.

The 100th photograph at notReality
The old photoblog hit the 100th photo the other day, thanks to all those who have taken the time to look in there. I will be maintaining it as long as I find willing victims ready to subject themselves to my photographic lunacy...
I also have discovered this wonderful thing called rss feeds. Don't laugh, I know I'm slow...I have given it a go before now, but the different news aggregate I tried in the past were very non-intuitive or just plain didn't work it seemed to me. Via this post at blog.photoblogs I learnt about a nifty extension to Firefox (and if you aren't using Firefox as your preferred browser by now, why not for heavens sake?) called sage which is (as they explain at the site) Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't. Honestly, it's pretty cool. If you use Firefox, then try it...and when you do you can quickly see what wonderful site that interest you have updated lately, especially if they have the little orange rss feed icon-thingy in the bottom right of the browser window. I even created an rss feed for the photoblog and in sage it shows the thumbnails of my latest photographs, a little description and everything! Oh dear I do fear I am raving on a bit now, so I really will go to bed...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Cape

Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
Cape Liptrap is situated to the south-east of Melbourne, Victoria and is a narrow penninsula to the west of the larger Wilson's Promontory. The local scenery is beautiful, the weather conditions changeable and often quite wild. It consists of rugged coastal geological formations with some sandy beaches. The pennisula itself is formed by the spine of the Hoddle Range running out to sea. It has the characteristic geological formation of steep cliffs of folded marine sediments flanked by rock pinnacles and wave cut platforms. When the tide is out wonderful rock-pools can be found on the more accessible parts along the shoreline. This is where I have found most of my photographic subject matter.
OK, you can click on the lighthouse and go and look at the images now. I'm hoping that you won't think they are your usual type of "holiday snaps"

Monday, November 22, 2004

I would just like to take this moment to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our good friend meg over at mandarin design
Happy Birthday Michelle!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Four Seasons In One day...

(This post is actually a week old, because I kept getting timed out when trying to publish it..ah well) what they say about our town. It proved it the other day when in the space of 2 hours I saw bright sunshine and blue sky, followed by rapidly advancing dark (lowering) clouds, then rain, then drizzle then clear again for about ten minutes with a cool breeze, then very windy and finally hail for about 5 minutes. Then sunshine again...
One thing you can say is that it is never boring weather-wise! Some suburbs suffered flash floods, so we were relatively lucky where we live. Wherever you are I hope the weather is not too unruly.

Let me tell you about what has been happening:
Monday: Woke early, packed the car, attended to a few things that needed attending to online. Attended to a few things that needed attending to offline. Attempted to post the above "four seasons" entry several times and failed. Managed to herd the family into the car and headed for South Gippsland. Had a holiday (sort of) more to follow...

Friday, November 12, 2004


Eastern Spinebill
I finally managed to capture the little bird that has been eluding me on camera today. I first saw it in one of our apricot trees early this morning (left) and then later on in the ferns drinking from our fuscia blossoms. Here is some information about this bird:
Eastern Spinebill ~ Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris

The Eastern Spinebill is a common honeyeater in Mountain Ash forests, feeding in the shrub-layer on nectar, but also on insects.
During winter, the Mountain Correa is the major food source with spinebills being scarce or absent in areas where there is no correa.
Like all honeyeaters, they have brush-tipped tongues which are an adaptation to nectar feeding.
Eastern Spinebill at a fuscia plant
There are about 70 - 75 species of honeyeater in Australia. The various species occur in all habitats from alpine regions, rainforests, heathlands through to deserts.
DNA based studies indicate that honeyeaters evolved some 40-45 million years ago. It is thought that they arose initially in forests and that as Australia became drier honeyeaters adapted to the newer more arid environments.
(Information from this page on the Museum Victoria site)
Now all I have to do is record it's call and I can add it to my Australian Bird Songs page!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Little Bird

Grey Shrike-thrush
I woke up this morning to the lovely call of the Grey Shrike Thrush looking out the window it was sitting on the handrail of our balustrades, so cute. I managed to snap a quick photo of him before he flew away - you can hear some of the Grey Shrike-thrush bird calls by clicking on the birds name in this post...
I hope everyone is having a pleasant week so far. The sun came out for part of the day today...hooray! Thanks to meg for popping in and leaving a comment. She has some more image tips for putting borders within images using css here. Cool bananas!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

HERO and my "guest blogger" wife

Jane is playing the piano as I sit at the computer. Beth and Paul had the girls for the night so we went to the movies and saw "Hero" ~ lovely cinematography, slightly silly story at times but mostly quite enjoyable on the big screen.
And now as a special GUEST BLogger - my beautiful wife!

I hope the sun comes out!!! Sick of this rain, drip, drip, drip. Rode the horse the other week. My poor old horse Kelly is having troubles with her legs so I may have to make that horrible decision but if the weather gets warmer maybe she'll be OK. Must give her a bit more attention. Get complacent at times and have had her since I was eleven.
Dragged Cam out to the Cup Eve ball to raise money for the school. It was good fun and we danced to some band called INZANITY. We had a scare with the youngest the other night. I was up locking up the chooks, Cam was asleep and No.1 child was watching telly. Came inside and was stuffing around in the girls brothel of a bedroom trying to tidy it up and thought "hmmm that girl is very quiet???" We called out etc. etc. with no answer so I woke Cam up. Looking in cupboards under beds etc. getting a wee bit anxious. it was right on dusk 2015HRS (Daylight Savings Time) - Cam runs off down the road in his mockies (Moccassins) to look for her and then the phone rang and my piano teacher (two houses down the road) tells me that she has a "little visitor" THANKGOD she was alright. Funny thing was she had on her head band and her fluffy handbag. I'm bringing that girl up with class.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Too tired to...

Post anything intelligent, so I'll be VERY LAZY and post a reply to a friend asking about the image referred to in the last post (and a potential Melbourne cup winner) that I made in Renderosity's Photography forum this morning before I went to work...

Why do I do it to myself? We had a cup-eve ball last night, a fund raiser for the primary school, and Jane and I stayed out 'til 0130HRS - now it's just gone 0600hrs and I'm up for work! (Saying that, it's Jane that has the hangover this morning, not me!) Tedz, me old Kiwi mate, I rekon it's going to be Makabe Diva, but for an outside bet, try a flutter on Runaway Girl too ~ now don't blame me if these horsies don't come in...Gambling only pays when your winning...(have to thank old Miss March for schooling a failure)
P.S. Tedz, not my own spaceship, no...just one a friend of mine from Beetleguise IV loans me every now and then so we can do our annual inter-galactic jaunts to our favoured holiday spot Mintaka (in Orion's belt, you get a wonderful view of M42) - that's my wee-un doing a pre-flight check...
cheers all!
*note - there was NO such horse as Runaway Girl in the cup...I must have been trippin' (Oh and Makybe Diva or however you spelt her name did win)

Monday, November 01, 2004


Well, I was well chuffed today, as the wonderful FILE MAGAZINE an excellent online photography magazine, included one of my photographs in it's collection, and it's featured on their "front page" too, at least for a couple of days, until a new one is uploaded on Wednesday. Thanks to the people at FILE!
In other news, we discovered a few bees trying to make a new hive in our chimney. Not wanting to spray the dear things, we simply lit a couple of candles in the hearth and that seemed to give them the idea to find another spot to get busy. Tonight we are going to a Cup-Eve dinner-dance thingo, to raise money for our local primary school, should be a wizz-bang event! Your intrepid reporter shall divulge all the gossip in the morrow, after my AM shift...AM shift, damn! I can't get too merry, oh well...