Secret's Out

"Whad'ya mean she's not your kind of woman?" asked Kylie curiously. Kylie was a cute seventeen year old female. 183cm with a firm well kept body, developed breasts and long cascading blond hair. The type of body a teenage girl would literally fight for.

"I just don't like the larger variety, they don't do anythen for me." replied Mike light-heartedly "They need to be about your size, and it's better for em to like a bit of exercise. Fit chicks get me goin." Mike was an average eighteen year old male, physically up there among the gung-ho footballers of his age: average build, developed muscles and not to forget the precision styled jelled hair.

"Someone's got their standards set high" laughed Kylie as she ran her towel vigorously over her hair. It was another typical conversation between Kylie and Mike. They'd spend hours talking like this, about anything or anyone. It just happened that the latest conversation be about Channel 10's latest reality TV ratings booster: Big Brother. Not something either of them took to much interest in, or that anyone would for that matter, but something to do nonetheless.

They were as close as friends could get before crossing the unstable line of a relationship. The school holidays had been painstakingly boring, and not to mention the latest down pour of rain adding to the fun when it caught them unexpectedly on their way back to Kylies place.

"I can't help who I'm attracted to." replied Mike smiling. He had liked Kylie ever since they had first met at a mates new years party last year, it took him around an hour before he had shot down his nerves and gathered the courage to go and talk to her. Nothing more than a strong friendship came out of it, much to Mike's dismay. They were both in Kylie's room cleaning up after the sudden downpour that left them saturated.

"So Chrissy doesn't do anything for ya?" asked Kylie as she struggled to remove her wet, now skin tight top. "Who does? Jo? Reggie?" She now had half of her top over her head. The other half still clung desperately to her shoulders revealing a smooth hourglass body topped with a pair of well developed breasts hidden beneath a snug fitting white bra. Mike as most teenage boys would, took in the view whilst trying to remain inconspicuous. He had seen it all before. But when your gorgeous best friend peels of her wet top in front of you, your mind does what it wants.

"Mike?" asked Kylie as she got the top over her head and peeled it off her arms. She looked down at him curiously, realising his interest in herself just as he sputtered an answer.

"Can't say any of them really. Jo's hot but too old and Reggies a bit to mature for my liking"

"What - you want someone like this?" replied Kylie moving her hand playfully over her stomach, her other hand resting on her hips. She had her head slightly bowed. Her mouth was slightly parted and her eyes looking upward to mike. A supermodel pose.

"You been sitting there staring at me ever since we came in. Don't think I haven't seen you" She teased as she took a few graceful steps towards Mike.

"Uh...sorry..." blushed Mike trying desperately to hide his growing red cheeks. "Guess I wasn't careful enough this time" Kylie paused. Her mouth opened slightly.

"This time? This time?" splurged Kylie in a half laughing, half amazed tone. "How often do look at me like that? Mike halted all thought, his mouth dropped open, holding a slight smile. Kylie moved closer to the bed, pushing mike gently onto his back just before she jumped carefully onto the bed over him. A still wet latest fashion Westco jean covered leg on each side. Her smooth upper body and perky breasts resting on his still wet Rip-Curl shirt and both of her soft hands pinning Mike's down either side of his head. Mike's heart was racing, he had the girl of his dreams in only a wet bra and jeans pinning him to the bed with a cute look in her eyes. Kylie could feel mikes rapid heart on her chest, he was enjoying this. She looked gently into his slightly dilated, open eyes and whispered:

"I think there is something you're not telling me."