Sweet Dreams

Angrily David left the taxi, leaving his wife flirting with the driver. Shaking his head at his slut of a wife, he advanced towards the house cursing. He kicked stones off the path, and placed his hand into his pocket to search for the keys. As he made his way to the door, he turned around to see Amanda; skirt lifted up and her high-heels in hand. She stumbled towards him drunkenly.
Mumbling vulgar comments about his wife, David inserted the key into the lock and entered, waiting for her to flash the neighbourhood her ass before following.
“It’s cold. I thought you may have noticed from the breeze blowing on your cu..,” he began.
“Darvid, downt say sooch thangs in pooblic,” Amanda screeched, interrupting him.
In disgust he turned around and bent over. Hearing Amanda close the door he began to untie his shoelaces. With his backside in full view, Amanda spanked him.
“Ows abowt soom rumpy-bumpy shexy?”
Standing up, David sighed.
“Hows about you go shower, wash the cologne of Mr. I-Screw-Trash, and get into bed.”
“Oows Misher I-Shrew-Drash?”
Amanda was in the doorway leading to the lounge room, trying to look seductive.
“Oh I’m sure you remember him, there were about 3 tonight, not to mention the taxi driver.”
Realising that David had noticed her clowning around this evening made her put her arm down and straighten up. She threw her shoes into the lounge, nearly falling over and frowned at David.
“I harv no ideeeeer orf what yew are talkings bowt!”
Spinning around, she went flying into the door-jam ruining what was going to be her impressive exit. Trying to regain composure, Amanda let her skirt back down by shaking her rear from side to side, before puffing out her chest and walking off towards the staircase.
“Bitch, get back here when I’m talking to you!” David growled after her in increasing anger. “You know what happens when you make me mad, don’t you?” David asked following her slowly.
Amanda attempted mocking her husband. “Whar are yew planneen tew doo Misher Hi an mi-te?”
David grinned in a rather terrifying way. Amanda saw this on her way up the spiral stair case and thought it the best option to sprint for the bedroom. David, reading her mind had already figured what she would try. As soon as she quickened her speed and started to make a race for the bedroom, David was on her track. He leaped at her and grabbed her hair, jerking her neck backwards sharply.
“Trying to run from me tart? You should know better. You’re a woman, you’re weak.”
Amanda looked up at him with fear in her eyes. She found herself sobering up quickly.
Using her hair as a leash he dragged her towards the top of the stairs. “Long way down ain’t it bitch?”
Amanda’s eyes widened as she began to realise what David was planning. He watched her eyes grow in fright, enjoying every moment of it. He laughed loud. Amanda began to think she was in a horror movie.
But no, she was in her own home with a psychotic husband.
“You shouldn’t have wanted such a big house… Couldn’t have a one story, needed at least two. Well let’s see what good the two does for you.”
The realisation of the position she was in began to form in images in her mind. Thoughts rushed through her brain in a stream. She was working herself up.
David held her up by her hair so she could look at her fate. She attempted steadying herself on her knees, but David held his hand up higher so she had no stability. Wavering around with tears running down her face from pain and terror, she begged him to let her go.
“David please, you don’t want to do this… I’m your wife, you love me. I love you!”
David yanked her hair upwards again and she screamed in excruciating agony.
“David no please, how about a nice bath and a blow jo…”
This sent David over the edge. He used her dress and hair to throw her down the stair case. In satisfaction he watched her roll down it.
David made his way down the staircase taking notice of the blood and blonde hair that was left.
“My god girl, look at this mess you have made! I hope you have good intentions of cleaning up after yourself.”
David stood on the second step. He listened to her breaths and sobbing for awhile. He bit his lip and looked around at the room.
“Oh jeez bitch, start cleaning up will you.”

The door bell rang.

“Oh Jesus! Can never get a bloody break!” He stepped down to the ground floor and squatted down next to Amanda. Bringing his face close to hers, he pulled her closed eyelids back and made her look at him.
“You make a sound, I’ll kill you. You move, I’ll kill you. You do anything at all apart from lay there… I’ll do what?”
David waited for a response. The door bell rang again.
He slapped her on the side of the face. “What will I do?” he whispered.
Amanda licked the blood off of her lips, and in a hoarse, quiet voice replied. “Kill me.”
David smiled again in satisfied. “Good girl. Now you wait right here, and I’ll be back.”
David walked out of the lounge room and headed down the hall towards the door. Looking through the peep-hole he saw a policeman.
“God forsaken pigs” he mumbled.
He unlocked the door and opened it slightly, and engaged in conversation about the reports of noise. David remained polite.
“I’m sorry officer; you won’t hear a noise out of us. If there are any calls enquiring, send my sincere apologies.”
The police officer said goodnight, and bid David’s wife sweet dreams.
David stormed his way towards the kitchen, and grabbed the knife sitting on the bench.
He ventured towards the lounge room and frowned when he saw that Amanda had been crawling her way up the stairs.
“Amanda stop moving!”
He walked a quarter of the way up the steps and stood above her.
“Oh darling, I’m so sorry, you look dreadful.”
Amanda shook her head. “It’s okay… “
David scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down onto the bed and lifted the blankets up to her waist.
Amanda closed her eyes.
David frowned and raised the knife, bringing it down to hit her in the chest.
“Sweet dreams darling.”

The End.