'What am I?' asked something in the void of nothingness. But to no reply. 'Who am I?' it asked again.

'What purpose do I serve?' it asked. But it did not know how it had asked. It was an alien thought.
The essence shifted. It had no name. It had no physical form. It felt no pain, it felt no pleasure. It felt nothing... It was nothing.

It felt a slight shift. Something was wrong. But it did not care. It had no personality. It did not understand. It was nothing. It was a being of pure nothingness. A being born out of nothingness. A being that had no understanding of anything outside the void of eternity. It had no reason to exist, no purpose to serve. Yet it did exist. Why? The primitive mind wondered why it existed. It opened its eyes. But it had no eyes. It saw blackness. It saw nothing.

Suddenly, it felt pain for the first time. A bewildering force that retched it from nothingness. A hot searing pain reached into the very core of the being. It felt like screaming. Yet it could not scream. It had no mouth. It felt fear grip it for the first time.

A gentle, feminine whisper echoed in its mind, 'Hush little one. Do not fear me. I am no threat to you. I am here to help you...' It yearned for answers. 'What am I?' it thought. 'Who am I? Where am I?', the questions spewed forth from the once dormant being. The whisper replied, 'Hush, do not strain yourself. In due time all will be revealed. Rest now...'
The being felt heavier. But it did not know it ever weighed anything. It felt the weight of reality settle in upon its form. But it had no form. Confusion took its grip on the primitive mind. Question after question frothed into is consciousness. Thoughts became a torrent of information. And then it came into existence.

Slowly it opened its' eyes. The light stung at her vision like wildfire. It was an awkward experience, it did not know how to interpret what it saw. A weird shape invaded its' view. It was a face, yet the being did not know it.
"Welcome home young one." The face whispered gently.