Birkenhead Osborne Outer Harbour


Business will pick up here, with the completion of the Adelaide to Darwin Railway line, it is expected that traffic will increase along this rail corridor, traffic today has changed again from what was being railed in the 70s, 80s & 90s (except for the Stoney of course, still going strong ever since I can remember, as a small boy standing on Glanville station waiting for my train to go to school and seeing the Stoney). Traffic today mainly consists of container traffic for Pelican Point.


We would leave every morning on Train No.559 at 05:00 Ex Gillman Yard for Osborne, Always 2 800 Class locos on the front required because of the Commercial Road bridge load limits, we would either push out through Gillman Junction then head around to Birkenhead via A Cabin or we would pull towards the flat then push out towards the Gillman loop Line via C then A Cabins, get behind the stick and head to Birkenhead that way.


Description of shunting out 559 on arrivals at Birkenhead


On arrival at Birkenhead

Guard admits train

Mainline loco detached and placed on outbound rd

Shunt loco pulls the train in, last hoppers on train for ABC siding & the brakevan detached

Guard & Mainline 800 loco on return to Gillman yard places hoppers to ABC siding.

Train piloted by shunters, who take over shunting out of train.

Shunt loco detaches Coke Hoppers & Pelican Point Loading short of the run-around (before Caltex)

Leaving room for a engine to get around, pull in Fuel tanks

Detach Caltex tanks, place BP, Mobil & Emoluem tanks when running around,

come onto the back of the Caltex tanks and place them into the Office , middle or shed rds or into the black oil siding

Reattach to train and pull into Osborne Yard

Pull empty Stone hoppers out and ready stone hoppers for departure on Fence Rd

Await Wharf foreman and porter arrival for instructions

Arrive Stone train and detach Stoney mainline locos and reattach to the outbound stone train. Attach shunt loco on the rear of stone hoppers and place to ICI inbound rds

Continue onto Outer harbour, pull into the holding roads, run-around, pull out and place loading to Pelican Point and Outer Harbour.

Back to Osborne Office for crib.


After the arrival of the porter in charge Osborne (Mr Tony Capurso) all trains are admitted & piloted from Birkenhead to Osborne.


The Stoney from Nuriootpa arrives piloted by the porter in charge

173 (SG) from Dry Creek North arrives, brings Mereenie Oil tanks & Pelican Point Container Loading down to Osborne

The return trip of the Stoney ex Osborne

178 (SG) returns to Birkenhead for departure for Dry Creek North, places Mobil, Shell on the way


559 Dep. 0500 Gillman Yard Osborne Mon to Fri (BG)


2 800 Class Locos

Emoluem Tanks

Mobil Tanks

BP Tanks

Caltex Tanks

Coke Hoppers

Pelican Point Loading

Adelaide Brighton Cement Hoppers



720 Stonie Nuriootpa Osborne Everyday (BG)


2 930 Class locos

2 Locos

24 Stone (Limestone) Hoppers


173 Dep 0700 Dry Creek Osborne Mon Fri (SG)


1 700 class loco

Mobil Tanks

Mereenie Oil Tanks

Pelican Point Container Loading

Shell Tanks



641 Dep 1140 Gillman Osborne Mon Fri (BG)


1 800 Class Loco

Coke Hoppers

Fuel Tanks






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