The Port Flat




The Port Flat is still alive and kicking today with most of the trains transferred to ‘The Flat’ when Gillman yard ceased operation in the mid 90’s. Trains consisted of container traffic and grain commodities, wool, copper, scrap, pipes, livestock, sulphuric acid and fertilizer.


The New Yard was built in the 80’s to accommodate the increased grain export market, later converted to a container freight terminal. The Yard having only three roads created an unusual problem, which was overcome by scheduling Container Traffic by day and Grain Traffic in the evening & overnight


 (A nightmare sometimes for the shunter when the two clash).




The ‘Port Flat’ is a major port of call for grain exports in South Australia, liaising with the South Australian Co-op Bulk Handling (now Ausbulk), grain commodities are rail transported from country South Australia to the Port of Adelaide for shipping. In 1992 SA had a record crop of 9 million tonnes.


The Port Flat is now owned and controlled by Australian Southern Railways (Australian Railway Group) who transport all the grain traffic that comes into Port Adelaide and gives access for third party operators to enter their yards to access their trains (Hook and Pull Interstate Services)


The Port Flat consisted of:


Nos. 1-3 New Yard (4 New Yard was added 2002)

Left & Right Hand Holding Rds.

Joe Whites siding

Sams Old & new Sidings

SACBH lines 1-6 (grain)

25 Berth Fence & Shed rds.

Matcon Park Siding (containers)

Old Depot Rd

M.T.T Siding

Acid Siding

Adelaide - Wallaroo Fertilizers

9 – 14 Berths

Francis St

Currie St

16, 18 Berths

18 Berth Spur



Freight Bases